When God Gives You Power, He Gives You Pain For A Purpose Bishop TD Jakes

When God says, He’s going to give you power, get ready for pain. Pain is what God gives you with power to keep you from arrogance.

Joseph said, “oh.. I had a dream”, and they hated him. They said because of your purpose, we have despise you and they snatched him and put him in the pit. They threw him in the pit, took is clothe of many colours, deep the clothe in blood and lied on him to his father.

The old saying, “there is always truth in every lie”, that’s not true. The biggest part of his life was consumed by a lie. And he found himself in a pit half naked;

No food,
No water,
Vulnerable and at the mercy of life, probably expecting to die in a hole like an animal.

Sometimes, we reason;
How did this happen?
Why are you leaving me? I was good to you.
Why are you treating me like this? I have been good to you.
Why are you cheating on me? I have been good to you..

We look for logic to life. If you look for logic, you do go crazy.
Sometimes, you realise you go through stuff that wasn’t fair and right.
You know your purpose was good,
You know your intention were good,
Some of the stuff you reap, you know for a fact that it wasn’t fair.

Source: Christian Daily Post

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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