Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi

We went to pray at about 12:00am.
I know that some of those people I went to pray with can see this.
It was a prayer walk.

So we waited till it was such time, for us to be able to walk through the whole environment in prayer.
We were already praying and trekking through the whole area.
When all of a sudden a man with gun jumped out from a point and with such booming voice and pride of a man with a gun, he shouted…

Who are you??
Who are you??
And I, being the head of the Christian body whose Leaders went to pray, had to step forward to know what was wrong with the gunned man.
I approached him calmly and introduced myself.

I also added how that we came to pray and that was all I said.
He went back to the corner where he came from and began to cry.
He was weeping and wailing…. Such that someone would need to comfort him.

And one of the things he said as he sobbed was “Ooh! I remember what I used to do at your age by this time, ooh!….” He said again;
“I wish I can go back and be like you”
This man is in his late 60s and he was one of those securing our Campus.
I suppose he meant. Oh, I wish I can go back and start praying from my youth, oh but now I am old, I have no strength!

I mean, oh! How I wish I prayed when I was young I would not have been this way!
Ooh, every situation that came my way swallowed me.
Ooh, no sick person that met me in my life time ever got healed.
All the sick people I was born to heal all died of their sickness.

All the souls I was meant to save are on their way to hell now because I did not learn the way of prayer in time.
Oh, I wish I prayed when I had the strength.
This has burdened me for 4 years now and I can never forget this man so long as I am breathing!

Friend, maybe he wished he saw this post too, 45years ago, that says that Men ought to always pray and not to faint! Luke 18:1
So Lord, I know I am not a cow.
I know I am not a fowl.
Please incapacitate my Spirit man now to learn the ways of prayer!

I have only one life to live!
There is a generation that is waiting for the arrival of this person in Career, business, ministry….

Is it not time to go and start praying? So that the content of your eternal ordination can start finding expression now on earth?
Lord please burden our hearts!
I pray that light will come your way as you see this.
Let us pray!

Kingsword Onyedikachi Amadi |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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