Who is a Man of His Presence – APOSTLE MICHAEL OROKPO

If you align with the kingdom of God, you naturally frustrate the kingdom of darkness.
To be in the presence is different from being in the spirit, to be in the spirit, a man only needs to have the Holy Ghost. If you’re in the Holy Ghost, you’re in the spirit according to Roman 8:9.

The moment you received Christ and received the Holy Ghost, you’re in the spirit., So Paul said, “you’re not in the flesh but in the spirit if it be that spirit of Christ dwelleth in you”.

It not enough to have the Holy Ghost, it only becomes enough when you allow the Holy Spirit enact His government and His governance upon your life.
So the difference between being in the spirit and being in the Presence is when the Holy Spirit begins to walk in your life. … So in verse 11(of Romans 8) “…if that same Spirit that rasied up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He quickens your mortal body.”

The quickening dimension is the presence dimension….it is fourfold in nature.
The Holy Spirit becomes the regulator of your life.
It allows the Holy Ghost uncheckered access to operate and to express Himself in and within you.

It procures for you transformation that is from within.
This is not just religion, this is not a lifestyle that you cultivate. THIS IS DIVINITY BREAKING OUT FROM YOUR INSIDE.
It confers upon you the power to enact the Dominion mandate.

So, If you see a man of the Presence, he is a man that is under the government of God.
If you see a man of the presence, he is a man the Holy Ghost has liberty of expression with him.

If you see a man of the presence, he is a man that is transformed daily!
If you want to judge the health status of your spirit, find out the speed of your transformation.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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