Honour – Apostle Selman

The person seated next to you maybe an Orchestration by God because the individual may carry the grace for speed just because you came to church, its not only the pastor or the man of God. They may say Turn to your neighbor and say “God Bless You”.

And you may resent the person because he did not carry a personal that is attractive and loose your miracle.
I show u the mystery that enthrones men
It is not enough to know God.

You must also know men
As far as dominion in the Cosmos is Concern
I come with a heart of honor
And when you come with honor the gate
It is the law
Am not only preaching to you.

I honor you come
With honor the gate open
My name means the way to love
It is not only God
I love
I love men

So it is easy for the anointing
It is easy to be
Touched with the feelings of people
I love people
I will never look down on people
I love people sincerely
You need to meet God And you need to meet men to be enthroned
These Are mysterys of the kingdom

I met men, and I encountered anointing
I met men, and i encountered wisdom
I met men,and i encounted insight
I met men and they opened their Scars of decades
Who have you ignored to prove u love God
its imbalance

It is important to love God and men
There are men whose words are like the words of God
If they open their mouth, your destiny will open
Have you honored them enough?

Reflector Hub

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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