Mike Bamiloye

Uzzah died mysteriously in an attempt to help the Ark from falling. That could have been avoided, but a fundamental error was at play; the divine instruction is that the ark should be carried by the Levite, but at this time, a new cart was made to carry the ark.

Now, how many times have we jettisoned Divine instructions on the basis of what is trendy? How many times have you abandoned God ordained pattern just because is not fashionable? Don’t kill another Uzzah and don’t allow people around you suffer lost like in the case of Jonah.

That pattern of bearing the ark on the cart was copied from the Philistines who were not the original owner of the ark. Enough of all these adoptions of worldly principles to propagate the kingdom, it kills spiritually.

Uzzah attracted death trying to help God. He thought it wise to do something before the ark would scatter. What are you doing to help God? Perhaps by cutting corners at work to help fulfill the prophecy of you buying car this year? Or by scheming a sister to get married quickly?

Yours might be in terms of promotion, others, to grow the ministry fast. Allow God to perfect what He has started, never attempt to help Him.

Source: Evang. Mike Bamiloye

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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