One of the primary assignment of prayer.
LISTEN – It’s not to petition God to meet needs, it’s not even an instrument of warfare of the world of the power of darkness. It’s not just a spiritual system if legislation.

One of the major assignment of prayer and this is where many believers continue to miss it… Prayer was originally designed to change you!

Let me show you a scripture. Luke 9:29….when He prayed, nothing around Him changed. His countenance changed, His rament changed. You can change yourself in prayer. You can pray yourself into a newer version of yourself.

Let me tell you this: Prayer is not the only key but whenever prayer is not the key, it becomes the hand that holds the key.
Everything plus prayer increases.

Knowledge plus prayer increases you.
Grace plus prayer increases you.
Your results are a reflection of the transitions happening in your life. It is cheaper to change yourself than to change things because when you change, things Must change.

Everything in your life is a stagement to your destiny. This is where you are in the spirit. Instead of shifting things one by one, shift yourself and everything will rise to follow you. You truly change things by changing. When you change,your results change. When you change even the operations of the spirit over your life changes. It doesn’t relate with everybody the same way and every time.

It’s important we pray. The biblical way to deal with weakness is to pray. You pray out a weak version of yourself.

Source: Gospel Village.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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