BEWARE OF “UNCOMMANDED” ASSIGNMENTS!!! (Wisdom Key To Dealing With Distractions In Ministry)

– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

I once heard Bishop David Oyedepo say many years ago, “God is not COMMITTED to what He has not COMMANDED”.

Over the years, I have seen events on the landscape of ministry lend credence to the verity and veracity of that statement.
In ministry, one major issue that requires sincerity of purpose, discipline of human will and humility of heart and mind to deal with is the issue of “UNCOMMANDED” ASSIGNMENTS.

I can say with all humility that from ministry experience, I discovered that we take too many things for granted in ministry, and sometimes our motives are “good” but that’s not enough.

You need more than good or pure motive to do ministry work (that’s key though); we must do things in line with divine protocol.
When Uzzah touched the ark of the covenant when it was being conveyed from the camp of the Philistines at King David’s command, he had a good motive but it was a breach of protocol.

God smote him for his error and he died before the Lord – 2 Sam.6:7, despite the fact that he had a good motive – he didn’t want the ark of the covenant to fall because the oxen on which the ark was carried shook – 2 Sam 6:6.

Friends, in ministry we cannot assume and we cannot leave things to chance – due process and divine protocol has to be followed.

A “NEED” is not always equal to an “ASSIGNMENT” from the Lord and it’s important to note that.

Dear minister, if you should carefully assess all the things that you do today IN THE NAME OF MINISTRY, how many of them can you confidently and conveniently say that they’re COMMANDED by the Lord?
Taking things for granted with respect to divine assignments in ministry descerates the holy claims of your call.

A minister should be sincere and disciplined enough to differentiate between what the Lord has commanded and what he feels should be done.
Untill we are radical, dogmatic and resolute in the aggressive pursuit of God’s will and His will alone, we’re not doing ministry yet.

There are ministers whose challenges started in ministry the moment they started taking up UNCOMMANDED ASSIGNMENTS.
It seems to me that every minister will face this test. It is at that moment that the discipline of one’s mind and emotions can really be ascertained.

It becomes dangerous when you possess the financial wherewithal to do things that are not commanded.
Never let abundance of financial and material resources take you out of the will of God in ministry.

Know your MAIN ASSIGNMENT well and also the SUBSIDIARIES of that assignment.
Differentiate between what is lawful and what is expedient, like Paul of old did – 1 Cor. 6:12.
All of us will face this test. Our Lord Jesus Christ also faced it.

At a time, somebody wanted to give Him an assignment different from the specifications of His call but He rebuffed.

Look at that scenerio here:
LUKE 12:13-24
And one of the company said unto him, Master, speak to my brother, that he divide the inheritance with me.

And he said unto him, Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?
Look at that response! What Jesus simply said was that that wasn’t part of HIS ASSIGNMENT (as stated in Luke 4:18-19) and that the guy had the option of exploring legal means.

That’s discipline! Jesus didn’t TAKE IT FOR GRANTED that because He had large followership and that He wrought great miracles, the jurisdiction of His calling also extended to civil matters like dispute resolution.

No, He was strong enough to say NO! It really hurts your destiny when you begin to take things for granted in ministry such that you no longer feel the necessity of being instructed by the Lord.

I have also faced that in ministry. I have been given different pieces of advice including joining the drama ministry but they weren’t in tandem with the purpose of God for me.

There are people that God has called into the drama ministry and they’re a tremendous blessing to us all – they’re blessing nations and generations!
When God asked me to teach the Word on Radio, it was COMMANDED.

When God asked me to come teach the Word on social media platforms, it was COMMANDED, and other ASSIGNMENTS like that.
Of course as we grow in our calling and stay in fellowship with God, we may come into certain things later in life which weren’t part of God’s dealings with us in the past but this is based on God’s prerogative only.

That’s why in ministry, it’s safer to say, “This is what the Lord would have me do for now”, not abandoning the future possibility of God leading in certain ways.
He’s God and we cannot query Him or call His wisdom to question.

By God’s Grace, I teach the Word and I have been advised in the past to start writing daily devotionals but as good as that suggestion is, as at the time of this writing, God has not COMMANDED me to do that.
He may lead along that area tomorrow but for now, there’s nothing like that.

I have ministry sons by God’s Grace who write daily devotionals and they’re doing well and I thank God for them and I get richly blessed when I read their materials.
It’s EVERY MAN IN HIS OWN ORDER. Doing things by IMPULSE and not by LEADING makes one to lose his place in the eternal plan and program of God.

And every minister should be humble enough to do a periodic review of what they do with the sole aim of putting things in proper order.
Critics can bad-mouth the likes of Bishop David Oyedepo but God reckons with the state of the heart.

Papa once said that at a time in Kaduna, they opened some branches and God said He was not in that move and immediately, he closed them up despite heavy financial resources already expended.
How many ministers would be that humble? He also said that at a time, they had imported world-class sophisticated gadgets and equipment to set up a studio.

As a matter of fact, the studio was ready for use but God said He wasn’t in that move. And that studio remained under lock “AS AT THEN”.
How many ministers would be that humble? Some will say, “But I have already told people”.

Beloved, nobody knows it all. We all make mistakes but we must not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again – that’s a sign of growth!
Life is too short to do trial and error with ministry work. We must learn to stay at the centre of God’s will always, for therein is true fulfilment and eternal rewards.

I operate by this principle in life and prayer: NOTHING IS TOO SMALL TO PRAY ABOUT and I learnt that principle from Philippians 4:6.

Moses took it for granted that striking the rock would make up for speaking to the rock and that “ended” his ministry.
We come to a point in ministry whereby we function by nothing but DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS, and when we engage our minds (intellectual processes) to break down what the Lord has said, it will be under divine influence.

UNCOMMANDED ASSIGNMENTS will slow your pace and drain your strength.
UNCOMMANDED ASSIGNMENTS will deplete the vital force of your calling and keep you BUSY without being “EFFECTIVE”.


Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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