Man Share His Hell Experience says “There’s millions of people in Hell”

For Josh Miles coming down with the flu turned into a life-changing experience. He was sick with a 106-degree fever. His dad was so concerned with his declining health that he took him to the local ER, but on the way there his soul left his body and he told CBN’s Prayer Link that he “went straight to hell”.

“The torture is at a level you cannot comprehend,” Josh described. “It’s a hard thing for sure, especially if you are going to be there for eternity.”

“You feel so much heat and so much torment,” he told the Prayer Link. “You’re feeling so much pain and regret and paranoia. I tell people imagine your worst day you can ever have and its multiplied ten-fold, even a 1000-fold when you’re in hell. You should be scared of it.”

Josh said it was extremely hard to breathe and he knew that he was with millions of people along with demons.

“People think that God sends people to hell,” he shared. “We choose our road. God gave us a will for a reason, to choose our own path of life. And if you choose Him that’s where you [won’t] end up, if you choose any other way, then hell is where you end up.”

“He wants us to go to heaven. He wants us to live with Him. He wants us to be His Bride, but we have to choose Him,” Josh added.

“There’s millions of people in Hell,” he said. “It’s millions upon millions and everybody is standing on these shelves of rock. Everybody is screaming out and in turmoil and its crazy because you are in pain and turmoil yourself but to see other people go through that kind of turmoil hurts even more.”

Josh said he remembered everything he did on earth, even the secrets he kept.

“And you actually have a hunger and a thirst for God, Himself, because you know you didn’t make it,” he said. “You’re just begging Him to come get you but you already know its too late and that makes it even more painful…but you don’t have a choice anymore because you are there.

But the young man’s story does not end there.

His father, Willie Miles, who was driving him to the hospital during this encounter, said God instructed him to pray in tongues and to rebuke the enemy.

The elder Miles believes that was part of the reason things began to turn around for his son.

“You see, Josh was only in hell for a few minutes. During his encounter, he was suddenly transported to heaven, where he stood before God’s throne,” he said.

“It was the most blissful thing you can honestly ever think of,” Josh noted. “Everything that positive on this earth put it all in one day and yet it does not compare to heaven. It is a blissful state. It feels amazing…everything in you is satisfied.” Continue Story on CBNNEWS.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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