Behind every glory are tears and blood, sleepless nights and sacrifices.
Ask any great man.
Champions hear me, being a champion is not just a confession.

Ask a pregnant woman ?
When she give birth to the baby like our dear one hear who gave birth, and we are all rejoicing.
But ask her how it was.
Right now you are carrying something others are not carrying.

Don’t expect them to understand you.
If everybody around you understand you is a sigh that you are not going anywhere. They are times only God can understand you, let me tell you.

While others are sleeping, the Holy Ghost take away sleep from you.
He giveth his belove sleep, but from you he took it, so that you will wake up, And you are walking round your house and crying Lord what is the name of what you are doing with me.

He calls it refining,
Lord what is the name of what you are doing with my live? Is this how useless my life is going go be.
You have honour other people are doing, at least show me where am going.
let me be convince that you are leading, and he say the seeming confusion is part of the process.

So that I teach you that you don’t have to understand me to follow me.
They are times that is in your obedience your understanding comes.
Lord if you don’t show where am going I will not follow, you will never get to the place of destiny.

They are times you start that journey far before it later makes sense..


Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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