-Apostle Joshua Selman

The presence of the Holy Spirit can revitalize your mortal body and you can live a healthier life. His presence brings unspeakable joy. That joy you have even when situations dont add up.

The world is full of sad and angry people.. There are so many offences from families, husbands, wives, government, jobs etc..

Let me tell you…. JOY is not a commodity you can get on earth..Joy is one of the blessings of His presence. Joy is not just laughing like a fool.. It is the ability to ignore the storms…. In the ancient times, Christians were fed to lions, burnt with fire.. But before they died, they sang amazing grace.. To laugh in the midst of the storm is not natural.

It is a sign that you are aware that He is with you..
You just learn a system of joy..
I know there is no money in your pocket but don’t allow depression. When men are about to die, the first thing is they stop talking.. They enter a state of acute depression.

The Bible says:” the joy of the Lord is my strength”. Can you see why many people are weak?
That joy is not there.. This is why you will never come and meet me with my hands on my cheek sad.. No..His presence brings me joy all the time. It doesn’t mean everything happens the way I want No! There are too many things and people to annoy you everyday and that’s what Satan wants.

But with joy you will draw from the Wells of salvation.. This is one of the reasons many people don’t get their miracles.. Because they don’t have that joy that is their strength.

Some people come to church sad and depressed.. When there is nothing else in your life, keep your joy Don’t loose that one. And everything will fall in place eventually. If the reason for your mood is the condition of your bank accoumy or family, you will never find joy because this world does not give joy. The true source of Joy is the Holy Spirit.

No matter what Satan takes from you, if he hasn’t taken away your relationship with the Holy Spirit, then you have lost nothing.
You can say you have the Holy Spirit but have you been engaging him? You can have a visitor in your house and leave him the the parlor and go to your bedroom.. The Holy Spirit can be there but you can ignore him.. Our lives would have been ten times better if we didn’t ignore the Holy Spirit.

Think of how many things you are referring now.. How many are regretting their marriages because they ignored him.. He cautioned many people many times but they ignored him.

The Holy Spirit will not force you to invite him.. If he is not invited into that area of your life, he won’t interfere.. The area you invite him is the area you will wall in victory. Cry for a restoration.
His presence brings joy.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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