John the Baptist didn’t have that encounter , and when life pushed him, John the prophet, the man who ordained and introduced Jesus as the messiah now questions if Jesus was the real messiah.

The pressures of life have a way of pushing you .. It will take more than bible study to survive today’s world.. You will be confronted with challenges that will rattle your faith to the core. To the point that other people will feel for you cos you don’t know which answer to give.. But a man who has met God like Job will say God is greater…

I wish I can tell you that you can have all the answers to life’s challenges and life’s problems but sometimes God is mysteriously shocking.. When you expect him to speak, he keeps quiet because no man voted him into power.

Lord why did my mother die even when we prayed for you to help?..
And the only strength you draw is from the encounters you have had. And if you don’t have any encounter, you will be surprised that all your Bible study will evaporate ..

Pray for personal encounter..
That will be the source of your strength through this life..
Job’s wife said he should curse God and die but Job looked at her and said “though he slays me, yet will I praise him”..

Job said:” all the days of my appointed time I will wait “…
Hold on, who gave him that revelation?
How did he know that every challenge has a time limit? That everytime you see the night time, you know it won’t stay like that forever… It is your revelation that gives you confidence in the night time.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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