THE BEST TIME FOR INTIMACY – Apostle Joshua Selman

Listen to me let me tell you something :
The moment you always say Oh God give me tea and bread.

I bind and cast every devil..
You are not going to experience his presence…
But calm down and set the atmosphere…
Spirit of the living God you are welcome here.

I give you my life..
Take my body my soul my Spirit.. Breath on me.. ( Singing )
(This is you praying now .. not give me tea and bread ) ..
Let me show you what I do in my secret place.

(singing )
Affect my life breath on me..
As I look to you for life..
You are the Holy Ghost.. Holy Ghost.. Take your place
Hear me!

Prayer was primarily designed as a spiritual system to know Him and to meet with Him..
Prayer was designed primarily as a system that conveys his presence to you.

There is the warfare dimension of prayer, there is intercession.. There is supplication.. But He said when you pray pray in this manner..
‘Abba Father who art in heaven.. ‘

…. Not give me tea, give me bread, I must marry… I need a child… He said your kingdom come.. Your person come..
Let me tell you why many people’s prayer lives are dead.. It’s not because they can’t pray in tongues…My prayer life is one of the richest points in my Christian life , it is not a boring time.. You know why?

Because I don’t enter his presence with worries about things..
There is a strategy the devil uses to affect your prayer life. The moment you want to pray, he tries to make you weak.. You will even think you don’t have the strength for five minutes prayer, then you just begun to complain to God about your problems..

That’s not presence you want, it’s power for that.. But when you want his presence, be ready to give him time..
This hurry people do in prayer, you will not find him that way.

Let worship set the atmosphere..
The night time is my best time of intimacy with him because it is void of distractions from my phone ringing and all disturbances.

Don’t ever give an excuse for why you didn’t seek him:’
Am married, I have ten children, I am a banker and we finish late’..
You will always have time for what you love.
Am yet to see what can distract me when am having deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit.. My phone can ring to hell.. Anything can happen.. I use desire and respect to keep his presence and not just faith.

You just avoid all distractions. When you are ready for fellowship, you allow him define how the prayer should go.

Please learn this. When he comes, you will know he is there.. This is how you will become a strong presence carrier.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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