Dad Hagin once shared an experience where he went to preach for a young minister (a young Pastor who was FAR FAR YOUNGER than him in ministry).

The young man was no where to be found in terms of “RANKING” when compared to Dad Hagin but he was a sound Pastor.

Dad said people began to come to this young man for counseling, talking about several cases, and he said when he overheard some of the cases that were brought to this young man, he wondered how on earth he was going to handle them, because even he himself could not handle them according to him.

And then it happened; the young Pastor began to deal excellently with each of the cases by pastoral wisdom.

Dad Hagin said when he heard the depth of wisdom that was poured forth from this young man, he broke down in tears because even he himself could not have handled those complex cases like this young Pastor.

The moral of this story is to DESPISE NO ONE IN MINISTRY. The young man stood in the office of a PASTOR while Dad Hagin stood in the office of a TEACHER, yet the former was FAR YOUNGER in ministry than the latter.

We must realize that IN MINISTRY, GOD’S GRACE IS PACKAGED IN MEN and we must recognize Grace for what it is.
In this part of the world (Africa), we emphasize AGE a lot (which is not bad anyway) but it must not be at the expense of GRACE.

You see friend; AGE IS AGE AND GRACE IS GRACE. I operate by a principle in ministry, and that is “ANYONE CAN “BLESS” ME SO FAR THEY ARE GENUINE MINISTERS”.

I can learn from anyone in life and ministry, including a day-old Christian whom I lead to Christ – it will not reduce me; it will rather add value to me. I learn from everyone, including sons and daughters in ministry.

It’s my sincere observation that GREAT LEADERS ARE GREAT LEARNERS. Solomon the wisest man in his time was an ardent learner to the extent that HE LEARNT FROM AN ANT – Prov.6:6-11.

Truth is that ministry is not how we see it sometimes according to God’s design. God is a God of diversity and He has deposited diverse graces in men for our lifting.
Whatever you’re looking for, JUST GO GET IT. Go to them that sell – Matt.25:9. Tradition is dangerous. Religion is deadly. They will keep you on the same spot.

The Pharisees saw Jesus as a young man but that was their Messiah. It got tough to a point that Jesus had to tell them emphatically, “Before your father Abraham was, I am” – Jn.8:58. Case closed!!!
Please don’t misunderstand me dear friend:
Age has its place in ministry.

Maturity has its place in ministry.
Experience also has its place in ministry.
But in it all, we must recognize THEM for WHAT THEY ARE and also recognize GRACE for WHAT IT IS in ministry.
Until then, one still has a long way to go in ministry.

May the Lord help us all!
Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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