Anytime your life looks clueless tell yourself keep watching,
I was opportune to be in Drama group in primary school, so fortunate I acted a rich man.

I will never tell you the Name, You know how bwagi people are, if I tell you the Name you will not forget l, they call me wonderful name, they have me pieces of paper and leaves.

I was a politician in that drama, they call me and I will spray money in that drama…..
And few other Christmas drama.
But their is something I know about acting that their is someone called the movie director.

The movie director is the one invested with the intelligence of producing that movie.
Sometimes the actor do not understand the stretch, they just know in that movie you are acting.

When God sits down in designing your destiny, he design it thoroughly with his intelligence…………
Am speaking to someone in the Name of Jesus, the blue print and design of your destiny, it must be actualize in your life time in the Name of Jesus the son of God.

Every building does not look like it till it is finished
Every preacher does not look like it,
Every worshipper does not look like it,
Look what God is doing in this ministry, look what God is doing in our lives.

I continue to watch people grow in the Spirit, I continue to watch people transcends from like egg, pupa, lava…
From a little shrubs God is making many of us to become giant.

It does not look like it but be patient with God, and watch the wisdom of the ancient of days.. That’s the name he has for himself.

Reflector Hub

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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