THE SPIRIT OF WISDOM – Apostle Joshua Selman

Lack of results is a proof that you need the Spirit of wisdom. If you lack results, ask for wisdom.. The Bible said any who lacks wisdom should ask.

Prayer works.. The Bible says; “You have not because you ask not”…..ASK!
Prayer can make things work. Prayer releases the operation of the Spirit of wisdom. Paul and and Barnabas where separated because the disciples prayed and the Spirit of wisdom spoke.

Many times we rush out of the place of prayer without waiting to hear the Spirit of wisdom giving us solution or guide out of that predicament. We pray for a while and when we hear nothing, we get up and leave. It is not by how long you pray but you pray until you hear the Spirit of wisdom speak.

The Spirit of wisdom will always show you a way out of the situation. It was the Spirit of wisdom that gave Joshua strategy to conquer Jericho.

The Spirit of wisdom is God’s customized way of giving you solutions to your problems..
If the devil attacks your prayer life, he is attacking the possibility of your answer coming to you.
Say I will pray!

Most of us are so distracted in prayer that we don’t wait to listen.
You don’t pray as long as you want, you pray until the answer comes.
Wisdom is activated through mediation. Learn to put your phone off.. Put your television off..Learn silence.. You listen when you are quiet.

Learn to ponder on the word of God .
Faith waits until wisdom speaks.
Learn to pray , wait and listen.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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