Yesterday made it 21 years that God opened the doors of Faith Tabernacle and according to prophetic scriptures: at the end of every 7 years, thou shall make a release (Deuteronomy 15:1). This is the third 7th year:

We just began today, the end of the 7 years: the first day is Today. Somebody’s story will experience massive turnaround this month.
Every supernatural breakthrough testimony is rooted in our obedience. The Lord said to Isaac, “thou shall not go down to Egypt” (Genesis 26:2).

Everybody was fleeing to go to Egypt, that was the centre of civilization. Everything was going down everywhere, but everything seemed to be looking up in Egypt.

Isaac stayed there, planted in that land and received in the same year a hundredfold (Genesis 26:12-14). Supernatural breakthrough is rooted in our obedience.
Abimelech the king said to him, “get thee out from among us because thou art mightier than we” (Genesis 26:16). Raw obedience made him mightier than the nation which he (Isaac) lived. After he left, God began to expand him more and more; Abimelech took his chief of defence staff and went to look for Abimelech, to make a peace treaty with him because he could overrun them anytime (Genesis 26:26).

Raw obedienceis at the root of every supernatural breakthrough testimony.
The Lord said to Peter, “launch out into the deep for a draught” in response to his obedience. He entered into his boat, no negotiation and commanded him to move a bit into the water so I can preach; He preached his everlasting gospel in that place (Luke 5:4).

There was no question: “are you paying me for this?”
Launch out into the deep; he did and enclosed multitude of fishes (Luke 5:6-7).
Every supernatural breakthrough testimony is rooted in our obedience.

If you will hearken to my voice…I will set you on high above all nations of the earth and ALL these blessings shall come to thee and overtake thee (Deuteronomy 28:1-2). We saw the catalogue of these blessings from verse 3 to 13; they will respond to their obedience which speaks louder than voice.

Jonah finally obeyed and heeded for Nineveh; the greatest breakthrough of any ministry or outreach took place in that place. The obedience part of it is not just going to the place (that’s very important) but preaching what didn’t make any serious sense:

“Go through the town declaring that in 40 days, Nineveh shall be destroyed” (Jonah 1:2)
It was a risk, you could be killed. Is this a preacher or a killer?

“40 days!!! Nineveh you are destroyed.”
“What can we do? 40 days you are destroyed. You can’t do anything. You are destroyed all of you from the king to the peasant.”

He (Jonah) went and preached to that city, the preaching that the Lord bid him; that’s the key, core obedience.
When the king heard of it, he proclaimed a fast for both man and beast; first time in scriptures (Jonah 3:7). Nobody must eat anything including the sheep, fowls, poultry; let whatever will die, die.

We must cry mightily unto God to see whether He will turn this judgement away from us.
Raw obedience brought the greatest revival in Bible history to bear.

Supernatural supplies answer to our obedience (Luke 22:35, 2 Kings 4:1-7).
We saw a widow of a prophet cry to Elisha, “my two sons are about to be carried away by the creditors”
Elisha: what hast thou in thy house. She said, “nothing.” He said: bye bye.

Widow: except a cruse of oil
Elisha: Now you are talking. Gather as many vessels as you can get, then drop a little of the oil in each of those vessels and shut the door against yourself.

Raw obedience. All the pots were filled.
Elisha: Go and sell. Marketable oil not theoretical oil. Pay your debts and live on the rest.
“Woman, make for me first.” (I Kings 17:13)
Prophet, I am gathering wood to bake the last flour so that my son and I could eat and die.

She went, made for Elijah first and there was no lack for her all through the days of famine (1 Kings 17:15-16).
Raw obedience is behind supernatural supplies.
Jesus gave them a commandment when they were asked to pay their tax: go to the sea, cast an hook and the first fish that comes forth, open the mouth, take the money inside, pay them (Matthew 17:27).

No matter what may be lacking in anyone’s life, obedience is the gateway to the supplies you desire. Just obey God and then He turns things around for us.
Nothing turns the captivities of believers around like obedience. Simple obedience will turn any situation around any day.

“We have no wine: fill the water pots”
Born blind: go to the sea of Siloam and wash.
Children, have you any meat? No. Cast your net on the right side (John 21:5-6). That’s how priceless obedience is.

As mentioned earlier in the course of the week, obedience is primarily a choice. God does not enforce obedience on anyone (Joshua 24:15). May we keep choosing obedience at all times.

Obedience is a choice of the wise (Deuteronomy 30:19). It’s a silent, ever winning voice. It endears us to God; it commits God to perform His word in our lives because the scriptures cannot be broken. It’s a brand-new day for you.

Yesterday made it 21 years that God opened the doors of Faith Tabernacle and according to prophetic scriptures: at the end of every 7 years, thou shall make a release (Deuteronomy 15:1). This is the third 7th year:
– People will change levels.
– People will change their stories.
– The creditors will let go their debtors.
– The prison doors shall be shattered.
– Captivity have been turned around.
At the end of every 7 years (Deuteronomy 15:1); that’s the more sure word of prophecy, the word of God (Isaiah 14:24).

Expect massive turnaround testimonies from now. That applies to all Winners worldwide. Expect quantum leap dimension of turnarounds from now.
We just began today, the end of the 7 years: the first day is Today. Somebody’s story will experience massive turnaround this month.

You may need to prove any prophecy; prophetic scriptures are already proven, tried in fire 7 times, as pure as gold. There is no prophecy of scriptures that requires any further proven, duly proved, fully proved. It has been processed through fire 7 times (Psalm 12:6). Every statement, every letter, every word sanctified.

This is another end of the 7th year: your release and the release of this Church into next levels open up today.

That person with brain hemorrhage came on this ground (documented testimony) and Jesus stepped in. He caught a word, no one laid hands on him and got free.
Every single sick person, everyone challenged in his health that steps on this ground tomorrow will go back made whole. No sickness or disease shall survive the Liberation Fire tomorrow in the name of Jesus Christ.

Obedience may be costly, but the end result is priceless. I said on this altar one day, “that everybody must endeavour to be at a particular service.”

A woman said, “I wrangled my way here. Trekked some distance, boarded Okada, tricycle but got here.” She was saddled with debt, heavy indebtedness. She arrived here before the time (obedience). She knelt at the altar and began to pray. Then an angel kind of a woman! How do you listen to somebody’s prayer?

She said, “Madam, please stand up. Follow me. How much is the debt?”
Mentioned the debt, (the woman) wrote a cheque that covered all the debt. Raw Obedience.

Yes, we have a healing banquet tomorrow.
Response: I attended some last year. Let me tell you the truth, this my case requires medical intervention, period. I need money to go to Australia. Urgently now. I don’t want to die in Nigeria.
Jesus, the great Physician says, “come over, I want to heal you”

Response: No, I want to go to America.
Who are you going to meet when you get there? I’m still the one that will heal you.
My prayer is that by the anointing tomorrow, every yoke of sickness and disease shall clear off the life of everyone.

– Pains and aches will become things of the past.
– Sleeplessness, pressure, daily medication will become a thing of the past in the name of Jesus Christ.
– The Angel of this Commission will appear and wipe away all your secret tears.
– There shall be no weeping behind closed doors in the name of Jesus Christ.
When we see serving God as serving our interests, we will remain ever motivated (Matthew 6:33). Serving God according to scriptures should be seen as serving our own interests.

You are seeing yourself begging out of bread and water (Exodus 23:25).
He will take sickness away from YOU, not from Himself nor the Church.
The number of YOUR DAYS, not the days of the Church, He will fulfil (Exodus 23:26).
Let’s see serving God from henceforth as serving our own interest. See serving God as serving your own interest. It will change your perspective forever.

…they shall spend THEIR DAYS in prosperity… not the days of the Church (Job 36:11). You are not serving the Church, you are not serving your pastor.
Please see serving God as mysteriously serving your own interests. It’s a mystery. Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom is serving my own interest.

He that winneth souls is wise; that means soul winning wipes away shame and reproach. There are people in this season and all through the days of their lives, they will never see shame and reproach again.
Serving God is primarily serving our own interests. The testimony that was shared: he went wild into soul winning, got a wife within that short period, got married the same year and blood group changed from SS to AA; everything in his favour.

God has no SS, God is not looking for who to marry. Serving God is serving your own interest. It’s a mystery.
He that serves, him will my Father honour (John 12:26). Does God need honour from anybody? We are the ones that need honour. Please see serving God as serving your own interest. You will remain self-motivated for life; you won’t need anybody to push you forever. It will be your natural delight, you are just swimming in it.

Express answer to prayer coming out of serving God and the interests of His Kingdom (John 15:16).
I once asked the Lord, “won’t you be patient for someone to pray before you answer”
He (God) said: No, there is a company of people that before they call, I will answer.

While they are yet speaking, I will perform.
That’s how express our answers to prayers can be when serving God becomes our way of life.
… stars for ever and ever (Daniel 12:3). Not stars today and dust today. Whatever the Lord does shall be forever (Ecclesiastes 3:14).
For turning men to righteousness; carrying them to Church to where the Word will wash them; carrying them to Church to where they will be established in the Kingdom and when you meet His benchmark of many, your star just bursts forth.

Please see serving God as primarily serving your own interests. All the blessings that accrue comes to you. It is ABSOLUTELY for your benefit!!! If anybody ever gets any benefit from it, it is secondary; you are the primary beneficiary of serving God in truth and in deed.

Therefore, leave the mockers alone, face your Maker. It’s just about your turn.
Many just have one more step to take and then the Heavens will open.
Some just have 2 more converts to make and then the Heavens will open.

Some just have 5 more converts to go and then the Heavens will open
Some will get there today!!!
Please note that serving God is a mystery of the Kingdom because it is primarily serving one’s own interest.

When you take your phone to make a call to someone, to invite him to Church, “don’t check the credit!”: You are opening the heavens over your finances.
When you step out and spend 1-2 hours, you are not losing time; you are gaining time, you are gaining speed.

Anything given to God is multiplied back. You give Him your time, He multiplies it back to you.
Anything sown into the Kingdom shows in our lives.
Take grace from God to remain ever self-motivated in your stewardship, service. Pray that prayer over your life.

Acts 26:22,
Is God going to Heaven? No, that’s where He lives.
Does He need a crown? No, He is the One that gives crown.
Everything about serving God is in your interest. Everything, not one thing left.
“This Church won’t let me rest. We just finished one, another one”

Response: We will be doing it forever. We were doing that before you came. We will be doing that forever. You better join.
Everybody will testify…you know during one outreach in 1987, one other outreach…We’ve been outreaching like that and forever we will be doing that. This Church will keep serving God and the interest of His Kingdom forever. Those who choose to obey, doing the same in their private lives will be experiencing the hand of God.

Please see it as serving your own interest.
5:00 pm (Nigerian time) – we have our WSF and God gave us an instruction to start praying for one another, to bail people out of whatever could be their predicaments in life. We also have the Prayer layout, that is when there are no personal request coming, we pray for members of our various cell fellowships for their breakthrough testimonies.

Well, we are going to have barrage of testimonies emanating from our various house fellowships:
– Not one single jobless person will pass through this season without a glorious and enviable job in their hands.
– Not one situation will remain the same, Jesus will grant a turn around to everybody.
Before the time for the Fellowship, get out there and anchor somebody into the place:
“Come over here, when Winners according to the Word of God, God hears” (Matthew 18:19-20)

“God is always in our midst. He is answering prayers up till tomorrow. He is changing stories of everyone that comes along.”
Let every member of every cell endeavour, “I’m not just going out for a religious rite, I’m serving God actively. I want to be part of this cell growth and replication by the grace of God”; you will find God changing your story.

From 3 to 22 adults and 20 children by a dent of commitment (from documented testimony). Then carrying them to Church (himself and the WSF assistant), because God has blessed them enough to do that.
Expect every area of interest in your life to be duly addressed in this prophetic season.
Receive grace for selfless and tireless engagement. Let your obedience speak for you before the Most High God.

Pray for tomorrow’s service: Ask God, “show Yourself. Let no man called sick that steps on this ground tomorrow get back with their sickness. Set them free. Turn this ground tomorrow to a pool of Bethesda. As the Word is being stirred up tomorrow in the hearts of people, let them jump to their healing and deliverance.”

Pray for this evening’s WSF: Oh Lord God, You added to the Church daily such as to be saved. Add to us in our cells today.
Receive grace to be a partaker by going forth to see people added to His Church.

– It’s your day of testimonies.
– It’s your day of breaking forth.

Source:Churchgist (Facebook)

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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