SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the practical details of loving people

1. Tongues equal noise without Love
There are many people praying today who think they are praying but the only thing
God is hearing is noise because of lack of love
Lovelessness drowns the voice of prayer; hatred in the heart drowns your voice at the place of prayer.

2. Insight is a waste without Love
Light, revelation or insight does no good without Love
Your revelation cannot guarantee your manifestation in the absence of love
It doesn’t matter what you know, if you don’t know Love you don’t know anything.

3. Faith adds no value without Love (Gal. 5:6)
Your faith cannot enhance your worth in life without love
Faith is fake without Love because faith walketh by Love (Gal. 5:6).

4. Giving is unprofitable without Love
Giving without loving cannot guarantee desired results
Giving without love equals sowing without reaping
Giving without love is not permitted to yield expected reaping

1. Love is very patient (1Cor. 13:4; 2Pet. 3:9)
1a. Love does not easily lose patience
1b. Love does not give up easily
1c. Love is expectant but not impatient
1a. Love is both tolerant and tireless
1b. Love has a large capacity to accommodate human error
1c. Love has high staying power
1d. Love does not give up easily
1e. Love is persistent, tenacious and pertinacious

2. Love is kind (1Cor. 13:4; Prov. 3:27-28; Acts 20:35)
2a. There is generosity in love
2b. Love gives
2c. Love does not withhold good from those to whom it is due
2d. Loving people derive joy in giving, selfish people derive joy in getting (Acts 20:35)
Let us move from the realm of looking for what to get to the realm of seeking for what to give
2a. There is liberality in Love
2b. Love is not tight-fisted or stingy
2c. Lovelessness is the way to greed and avarice
2d. Love cares and because Love cares, Love shares.

3. Love does not envy (1Cor. 13:4)
3a. Love never boils over with jealousy
3b. Love does not give in to covetousness that results in jealousy
3c. Love does not wish that what others had was theirs
Love celebrates good in the life of others; it celebrates progress in the life of others
3a. Love never falls victim of competitive jealousy
3b. Love does not struggle to outdo, undo or de-shine others
3c. Love does not struggle to create impressions but only to give expression
3d. Love does not kill itself to get what it does not have
3e. Love does not get angry at others for seeming failure on their part.

4. Love is not boastful (1Cor. 13:4)
4a. Love does not exaggerate its results or accomplishments
4b. Love is not vainglorious or braggadocious
4c. Love does not go about blowing its own trumpet
4a. Love does not talk itself up and talk others down
The content of your character is more important than the worth of your materials
4b. Love does not fall victim of self-praise
4c. Love does not gloat about personal success independent of God.

5. Love is not proud (1Cor. 13:4; Isa. 14:12-16)
5a. Love is not puffed up
5b. Love is not centred on the worship of self
5c. Love is not swollen headed with a superiority complexity
You cannot downgrade those that Christ has upgraded at the Cross
5a. Love is not inflated with an exaggerated opinion of self
5b. Love is not arrogant, ostentacious or peacockish
You know the love of God in the life of a person by the sweetness of the spirit they possess
5c. Love is not snobbish or egotistic
5d. Love values others the way it values.

6. Love is not rude (1Cor. 13:5)
6a. Love is not impolite or indecorous
6b. Love is not unmannerly or undignified
6c. Love does not treat people unfairly
6d. Love is not disrespectful or discourteous
6e. Love is not uncomplimentary or uncivil
6a. Love does not behave in unbefitting and unsuitable ways
6b. Love is not offensive or insulting
6c. Love does not dishonour others
6d. Love is not rash or brash with others
6e. Love has manners, it has etiquette.

7. Love is not self-seeking (1Cor. 13:5)
7a. Love is not self-centred; it is not focused on self to the exclusion of others
7b. Love does not emphasize its own rights at the expense of the rights of others
7c. Love does not operate the ‘always me first’ mentality
7a. Love does not demand its own way at the expense of the opinion of others
7b. Love is easily entreatable
7c. Love does not force its ways on others
7d. Love is never self-absorbed and others-blinded

The plague of our world today is an abundance of lovelessness that translates into selfishness which in turn translates into wickedness.

1. Love is life – walk in love because love affects life both in time and in eternity (1John 3:14)
2. Love guarantees profitability and productivity of your spirituality.

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name!
Father, I come before You today, I receive the grace to walk the love walk and live the love life. Help me Lord to be found worthy of You on the last day. Help me Lord to live as You want me to live, to live in love, in Jesus’ Name.

– Your expectation for the month of September will be exceeded!
– Everything needed by you in this month of September is released for you!
– I prophesy miracle jobs, businesses, contracts, open doors, marital settlements, admissions, and healings!
– The verdict of the enemy concerning your life in this month of September is cancelled!
– That which the enemy has planted in your body is uprooted and returned back to hell!
– Every trace of enemy attack and confrontation around your life is broken!
– Help and mercy from above are released!
– The enemy will not see you or catch you! The agenda of the enemy will not prosper!
– The Love of God is releasing for you now your heart’s desire!
– Age-long afflictions are broken!
– What is yours no devil shall keep!
– Harvest shall look for you a thousand fold!

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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