– Bimbo Animashaun

Never ABUSE, INSULT or ATTACK fathers of Faith ON ANY LEVEL, especially on the basis of doctrinal persuasion.

Truth is that you can’t love the Body of Christ more than Christ Himself, and as such it is juvenile to supposedly channel your love for the Body of Christ or for the cause of Christ in raining abuses on those with whom you disagree, especially fathers of Faith.

History and experience have shown that such approach has been counter-productive and it has never been reckoned with in the eye view of God’s modus operandi.

If in the process of correcting a doctrinal error, you put other people’s ministries in a bad light, then you’re insensitive; you do not rightly discern the Lord’s Body.

The fact is that it takes a whole lot of divine wisdom to show the portrait of Scriptures before a generation without falling into the temptation of rubbishing the works and labours of previous generations.

We need more ministers to walk in that dimension of apostolic wisdom.
The danger of attacking the fathers is that you cut your feathers. You come to a place where God begins to cut down your influence especially on the younger generation.

It’s important to realize that God is always jealous of the younger generation for the sake of the perpetuation of His move on the landscape of time, and as such He would not fold His hands to watch the spirits and minds of the younger generation polluted by pride, arrogance and dishonuour.

You may claim to have more depths, but you discover that gradually, your “revs” don’t resonate with people anymore and those you claim don’t have your kind of depth will have a voice in the heart of the younger generation.

I have never seen anyone abuse the fathers of Faith who have his followership base remain the same.

The “thing” may explode in the immediate based on the youthful exuberance of the younger generation, but with time, gradually, the ovation begins to go down and the Holy Spirit will begin to fix up young men and women in safer ministerial terrains.

The moment you show a sign of abusing, dishonouring, insulting, and attacking those who came before you ON ANY LEVEL, then you’re a potential threat to the future generation and God will have no choice than to cut down your influence.

The likes of Absalom and Adonijah attacked their father David, and they didn’t represent any thing tangible in the future generation.
Adonijah wanted to overthrow his father but the men who were critical stakeholders in Israel’s kinship were not with him; they only supported Solomon and the rest is history.

The likes of Demas and Alexander attacked the fathers (as represented by Paul) and we can’t trace any generational influence in the program of God to them – 2 Tim.4:10,14-15.
Just think about how many times you mentioned Timothy in your preaching this year and also think about how many times you mentioned Alexander, you will know that God can cut down the influence of people.

Alexander felt he was DEEPER than the fathers until he became a Christian heretical teacher in the city of Ephesus.
Truth is that we teach around certain subjects by the Grace of God but not the way some people expect them to be taught – in an abusive manner.

I don’t have to call anybody’s name and I don’t have to paint the ministry of anyone in a bad light in the name of preaching sound doctrine.
People who read between the lines know that you can maintain a doctrinal persuasion that is strictly founded on sound New Testament doctrine without painting anyone’s ministry (which they have built for decades) in a bad light.

I mean wisdom is profitable to direct. As one grows in intimacy with God, one discovers that to rightly discern the Lord’s Body while preaching sound doctrine is a fruit of apostolic wisdom required to impart the future generations to the Glory of the Father.
May the Lord help us all!!!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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