Recently, I was told of a woman who lost her husband few months after their wedding.
She returned from work only to find uninvited guests, wearing gloomy faces gathered at her residence.

She stood puzzled for a while and further decided to make inquiries.
All the efforts of her family and friends to temporarily keep the news away from her proved abortive as she was firm on knowing what had gone wrong.

On hearing the news of her husband’s demise, she walked confidently into the room where the corpse of her husband laid, Knelt beside him, brought out a book and started to converse with God.

After a while her dead husband came back to life. He actually had no other option but to live, as his wife was bent on praying him back to life.
One would be tempted to think that the book she brought out was a magic book or a “super power” book.

Apparently, that was the book where she had documented her covenant with God at the place of prayer, as a young spinster.
One of which was the fact that she did not want to become widowed early in life. She had signed a covenant with God and the God I know will never break a covenant .”

My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips”

Can I ask you a question?
What agreement have you made with God, concerning your life and destiny at the place of prayer?
Do you just accept anything that comes your way and describe it as “fate”?

The life of a Christian is not determined by fate, it is determined by Faith. “…. now the just shall live by his faith”.
It is not determined by simple coincidence, it is determined by supernatural commands/confessions.

“….you shall have whatever you say”
“….you shall decree a thing and it shall be established”
It is also determined by how much we appropriate the written word of God into our lives at the place of prayer and covenant.
Guess what?

You do not need to be “overly anointed” before you stop any rubbish in your life and family. All you need do is to bring forth your strong reasons.
Each time we remind God of his covenant, we bring him to a position where he has no other option but to help us.

Prayer is not all about asking God for bread and butter, it also entails striking mysterious deals with God.
I ask you again, what deal have you made with God?
What is the “strong reason” that you intend to bring forth when the need arises?

The deal in this context is not in any way an abstract deal or agreement. In law, you do not strike an important deal without documenting it, that would be tantamount to striking no deal. There has to be a written evidence.

Our agreement with God should be clearly documented and preserved like a fully loaded gun waiting for the day to fire.
“I am just a lady”. So what?
A woman was able to bring her husband back to life not because she had a special anointing but because she brought forth her strong reasons.

Adapt the act of making terrible covenant with God at the place of prayers and be careful to note them down, as this serves as an evidence and helps to keep you at alert, should you by any means opt to fate.

Prayer is not an option, it is a necessity, a praying woman is a powerful woman, stop receiving every trash that life gives you, bend that knees so that you can stand tall.
We are not the victim of circumstances, we are the prayer breeds, we pray our way to destiny and fulfillment.

No room for satan’s rubbish in my life, I am not giving in to fate, I make the decree, I call the shots by the power of the Holy ghost in me.

I do not care if prayer seem like a burden to people, I do not care if people think I am praying too much, I do not care if I have even prayed before, I do not care if my body seem not corporate, Anyhow, I will pray and continue to pray, I will pray until every single word of my mouth becomes prayer, I will pray until every creature in heaven gets used to my voice, I will pray until my sleeping time turns to prayer time, I will pray until my life is in aligned, I will pray until my family is in order, I will pray until Nigeria is changed, I will pray until the world is revived, I will pray until impossibilities begin to bow before me, I will pray until I have sufficient grace, I will pray until I am a walking fire, I will pray until I become a golden vessel, I will pray until I finally see his face.

I don’t know of you? Will you pray?

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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