When Prophecies Comes – Apostle Joshua Selman

When you study the Word of God and obey the principles therein, no divination against you can stand.
You must learn how to step into the office of a priest and legislate through prayers, changing everything that is not consistent with the counsel of God in your life and family.

It is irresponsible to rely completely on prophecy and ignore the place of your obedience.

Every time you receive a positive prophetic word, you must immediately seek to know and understand the conditions for activating the prophecy and begin to engage them.

Prophecies are not automatic; your action or inaction determines whether they come to pass. Negative prophecies can be averted using God’s Word and positive prophecies require your alignment and obedience to come to pass.

It is within the power of a believer to change any personal prophecy. Every time a negative word of prophecy is sent to your life, there is power in God’s Word to change it because the Word of God is a more sure Word of prophecy.

Factors like the accuracy and depth of the prophet and deficiency in his/her personal mental transformation can reduce the potency of a prophetic word.

As a believer, you must understand the importance of prophecies and avoid despising them but you must also realize that the Bible (scripture) is the greatest form of prophecy.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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