Femi Prem Adebile

If you will find it difficult to honour a GRACED MAN
Don’t eat from his grace, Don’t even get near as to tap from his anointing
If the dealings of a man is not captured in your experience with God

Do not even show loyalty as to learn and feed under his anointing
Do you know why?

Its risky to eat from a man’s grace and dishonour that man either secretly or openly
It is risky and deadly to be embittered against a man with which you rose from his grace

When you eat and grow from a man’s grace, You Carry that growth and grace about
The day you start to dishonour the man, The grace gradually leaves until all is gone
God gives grace! Yes! But my people:

By Sacrifice of Alignment, He has given some people a dimension of multiple graces!
So if you cannot honour a man, don’t eat from his grace
Don’t grow in his grace! Dont grow in her grace
Because if you do and sow a seed of dishonour either secretly or openly
You will only go down gradually
If you have fallen victim of this, try and reconcile to God and restitute to man
Am sorry! It may seem harsh! But it is a bitter truth
Backed up by God’s Own Integrity
Ire ooooo

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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