Our mentality has limited us to know God more, scientifically speaking. The little discovery around us has constrain the knowledge we have on spiritual matters as Christians. What a shame!

Bishop David Oyedepo emphasized that:
“You don’t know enough of God, maybe you know just a little of God. Be desperate to know God more!!!

Apostle Paul said “that I may know Him…” at his current level?
Lord I am tired of the little I know of you
Help me to know mysteries hidden in you
I will not retire until I refire in you Lord
It is those who don’t know God that claim they know Him.

Those who truly know God know they don’t know any much of God. They are always craving to know God more. You can see this in their brokenness!

The Love of God is the fundamental of change in man. You need to know the heart of God to understand your position in Him always. The secret of God guides a man, orders his steps and moves him forward. You can not change level until know your level in God. Spiritual ignorance denials one to make progress in God.

You can not know God and be empty God fills you with His Spirit which helps you to work and become extraordinary. His oil on will cause all and sundry to reckon with and value you. His anointing on you don’t just make the difference but extinguishes you from the firing darts of your enemies.

Your spiritual connection with the Spirit of God unveil deep mysteries of the knowledge of God to you.
It takes sacrifice and God’s knowledge to become the best among the rest.

Therefore, put on the whole armour of God and be desperate to know God more
Lord Jesus! I want to know you more. Help me

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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