THE PRINCIPLE OF BALANCE!!! (Speaking To The Conscience Of Our Generation)

Bimbo Animashaun

At no other time does the Body of Christ need BALANCE in all facets of operations than NOW!!!

The principle of balance is sacrosanct at a time like this such that in an attempt to stand against doctrinal errors, we don’t also propound another error inadvertently.

The great father in the Faith, in the person of Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin captured it so succinctly when he observed, “It has been my experience that with virtually every biblical subject, there is a main road of truth with a ditch of error on
either side of the road. The Church has not always been a very good driver, often having great difficulty staying in the middle of the road. Just about anywhere you go on the Bible pathway, you’ll find people off in the ditch on one side of the road or the other”.

It’s been my observation over the years that in the Body of Christ, while we attempt to correct some errors or to put some overstretched Biblical truths in proper perspective, we unconsciously come up with another subtle error or de-emphasize clear teachings of Scriptures.

For instance, in an attempt to correct the excesses some bring into prosperity teachings, some have taught in such a way that anything “GIVING”, especially when a Pastor asks people to give, it must be motivated by greed.

In an attempt to stress the need for doctrines, some have altogether stood against teachings on marriage, family life, career, human development, leadership development, skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, etc.

In an attempt to tenaciously uphold apostolic doctrine(which of course we should do), some have said that churches don’t need the use of sophisticated gadgets, aesthetics, media packaging, etc.

In an attempt to curb the excesses associated with proliferation of churches everywhere, some have taught that we don’t need more churches, forgetting that God is still stirring genuine hearts to pioneer fresh works.

In an attempt to defend the fathers, some feel that we cannot check out what anybody says in the light of God’s Word, forgetting that the Word is the final Authority on matters of doctrine and practical issues of life in general.

In an attempt to speak against doctrinal excesses on social media, some have said that people should not teach the Word on Facebook and other social media platforms, forgetting that those channels have been a blessing to several lives.

In an attempt to forcefully advance New Testament teachings on GRACE, as against WORKS, some have said that “whatever” the believer does on the outside does not matter – everything goes because according to them, we’re not under the Law but under Grace.

In an attempt to stress the need for teachings, some have pushed power demonstrations to the foreground and also in an attempt to project power demonstrations, some have neglected basic teaching of the Word.

In an attempt to discourage people from being title-conscious, we have also lost sight of the fact that the offices of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Bishops, Deacons, etc. are rightly stated in the Bible, and people can come into these offices “IN LINE WITH BIBLICAL SPECIFICATIONS”.

In an attempt to emphasize the fact that the Church i.e. Ekklesia talks about PEOPLE, and not BUILDINGS, some have criticized church buildings especially when they have car parks and what have you, forgetting that without a conducive place of worship, rain will beat people on the head and the scorching sun will heat them up, and that “spiritual ministry” they ought to receive will become terribly difficult.

The list is endless – it is on all sides! That’s why I believe BALANCE is the key word today. The Body of Christ is very wide and all parts of it are necessary.
A spiritually-tested teacher of the Word will take all these factors into consideration, making THE WORD his Benchmark.

God, in this hour, is raising a generation, who will operate in the BALANCE OF SCRIPTURES AND OF THE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT.
They are a people whose hearts and minds have been purged from personal prejudices and idiosyncrasies and they see a bigger picture on the inside – THE BODY OF CHRIST UNIVERSAL!

In the words of Pa. S. G. Elton, they will be “VESSELS OF RECOVERY”.
That generation is rising today; Glory to God; I can see it in the horizon, through the eyes of the Spirit.
Blessed are their eyes, for they see, and their ears, for they hear. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Like Dad Hagin prayed at the beginning of his ministry, “Lord, help me to stay balanced in my ministry”, I also prayed immediately I got ordained into ministry in December, 2002, “Lord, help me to stay balanced in my ministry”.
We have not gotten there yet, but we’re getting better by the day through the inner workings of the Spirit of God.

I believe the cry in the heart of any minister who wants to go all the way with the Lord in this end time should be, “Lord, help me to stay balanced in my ministry”.

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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