Bimbo Animashaun

Many believers/ministers are “PROPHETIC” in the sense that they’re acquainted with God’s plan for their lives but they are not “STRATEGIC” in the sense that they don’t know how to go about it.

You see, dear friend; being “PROPHETIC” is one thing but being “STRATEGIC” is the other. The former without the latter leads to frustration.

For instance, you’re called into the ministry; you have sensed the call of God in your spirit; you have also received confirmations from several confirmatory channels, but you lack the STRATEGY to pursue it.

Many times people fail not at the “PROPHECY LEVEL” but at the “STRATEGY LEVEL”.
Wrong strategy can make a mess of God’s plan for your life. And often genuine success in life and ministry is a direct interplay of “PROPHECY” and “STRATEGY”.

If the mouth of God has spoken it i.e. the vision that you’re talking about, then you still need to rely on the wisdom of God to know how to execute it – that’s where STRATEGY comes in.

It’s a combination of THE THOUGHTS OF GOD and THE WAYS OF GOD – Isa.55:8-9 and don’t ever forget that THE WAYS OF GOD ARE THE HIGHWAYS OF LIFE.

Get your vision right, which comes from a “prophetic word” to you – Hab.2:1-3, but it does not stop there; get your STRATEGY right too, which is inspired by God’s wisdom in your spirit.

Being “PROPHETIC” in the context of this piece is to come into the spiritual awareness of what God would have you do per time or in life.
But STRATEGY IS IMPORTANT and it is defined as “a plan that is intended to achieve a particular purpose”.

We don’t have to use THE SAME STRATEGY, even if we have the same line of calling and ministry – the most important thing is to discern by the wisdom of God HOW TO GO ABOUT IT.

Remember that Moses and Joshua were faced with similar situation but they used different strategies.

Whereas Moses parted the Red sea with a rod – Exo.14:15-22, Joshua on the other hand parted River Jordan by setting the priests (who bore the ark of the covenant) in course – Josh. 3:6-17.

“PROPHECY” tells you WHAT TO DO, but “STRATEGY” shows you HOW TO DO IT, and both have their root in the eternal wisdom of God.

STRATEGY IS EVERYTHING!!! Don’t compromise it. Be discerning and see God’s call upon your life fulfilled in a grand style.

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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