I am a young man with a lot of prophecy spoken concern my life and destiny. Being born into a Christan Home, the powers from my fathers house fought my dad with the Spirit of Addiction till date.

My father is now weak because the evil power has really separated him from the knowledge of the saving grace of God. As I press to know God in my youthful age, The Spirit of Addiction came upon, that Spirit send to me is called Pornography and masturbation.

For many years I have died secretly in watching pornography and masturbating in doors. In the outside world, I am prayerful, having Bible knowledge, Intelligent, hardworking, caring and and so on but I die daily in Sin.

Countless times I have prayed, fasted and listen to sermons, asking God to help and set me free from this bondage of addiction. Immediately I am done praying, I go back and watch pornography moves, imagine myself having sex and wishing to do it with my girlfriend. Though, I am a virgin and I promise to keep my virginity till my wedding night but that Spirit of addiction keep fighting always.

I have went to an extent, Telling God to kill me If I ever watch pornography or masturbate, but as I finished saying that, I will go back and sin again, expecting that night to die. But as I expect to die and leave this wicked world and go to hell, I would wake up and realize God still loves me and his mercy is still keeping me alive.

Ah! as you read this, I masturbated and watch pornography few minutes ago and slept to wake up in hell but God show me a vision of how the Spirit of Addiction is imprinted on our minds. Anytime we involved ourselves with addiction, The devil take it to our minds and store it there as photo shop or photo book.

If we decide not to commit sin, he will speak to our minds and show us those past photos of addiction, Beautifying it to our minds and making us want to commit sin again and again.

My brethren always guide your minds with the word of God and good things, because if the devil capture your mind he has captured you and your soul is at Risk.

As I woke up from that revelation, I went down on my knees and began to ask for mercy, begging Jesus Christ to be my Lord and personal Saviour. I prayed and said I would not die a sinner
Addiction is a Spirit

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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