MINISTRY IS “WARFARE”!!! (“Letter” To The Young Minister In Africa)

Bimbo Animashaun

I feel very reluctant physically to write this though but I will follow the promoting of the Spirit of God in my heart because this is a sensitive matter and God has generations in mind.

I believe this will rescue a lot of young ministers especially in Africa.
Over time, we have allowed our concept of ministry to be beclouded by Western realities without taking cognizance of African peculiarities.

We have errorneouly thought that in terms of Christianity, our “trajectory” is similar to that of the Western world; our background is similar and our cultural configuration is same too.
For instance, here is a young man somewhere in Nigeria who’s THE FIRST PERSON to get born again in his family which is neck deep in witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, necromancy and idolatry comparing himself with people like Roberts Liardon, Joel Osteen, Matthew Hagge, or even Dad Hagin.

The young man is mistaken. He needs to realize that the common denominator among us all is OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST, and that is eternally constant.
Warfare is real but MORE REAL IS OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST JESUS. That’s the Gospel message, and that’s what we preach.

Satan is a defeated foe. Jesus broke his “head” at Calvary and gave us THE VICTORY. Glory to God!!!
So, that’s constant beloved. But think about this; you don’t expect some American young ministers to be using their authority in Christ to deal with family or ancestral issues especially in a situation that you have a young minister whose previous generations (like 7 to 9 generations before him) were all Gospel ministers.

But here you are; you have faced spiritual attacks right from childhood to adulthood and even when you got born again, you knew how you started excersing your authority in Christ over ancestral flows.
Roberts Liardon said his grandmother gave him a Bible and prayed him into the ministry. Same for Dad Hagin whose grand mother was a strong Christian.

Oral Roberts’ Dad was a Pastor and today, Richard Roberts, Oral’s son is the head of the ministry.
Joel Osteen took over from his father John Osteen, and John’s Dad was a minister too. And also today, Matthew Hagge takes after his Dad in ministry and he’s doing well.
Now, how many of us in Africa can boast that our grand mothers or great grand mothers gave us the Bible or prayed us into the ministry?

How many of us can say confidently that our grandpas or great grandpas gave us the Bible or prayed us into the frequency of God’s call upon over lives?
Of course this situation is a bit better now due to the influence of Christianity in Nigeria which started gaining strong ground in families a couples of decades ago.

But from the “beginning”, it was not so. You have situations where parents donate their children in the occultic world.
You have situations where young ministers came from Islamic background and from the point of getting born again, it has been series of persecutions left and right.

You have situations where young ministers came from polygamous families and their mothers are like the 7th in the position of wives.
You have situations where people started hawking as far back as age 5 and they struggled to get a tertiary education.

Mehn; you can’t be in the above-stated categories and come to Facebook and be knocking fasting and prayer.
You can’t be like that and be saying things like, “It’s not about long prayers. Christ has done it all. Just in five time, say Glory to God” and that’s what you do for a whole year.

Are you kidding me? People like you should even be far from those who knock ministers who pray on the mountain.
I don’t care what anybody says. Someone can say, “Well, this Pastor is not deep. He doesn’t have the revelational knowledge of Christ”. No qualms about that!

I know where God took me from. I was the first person to graduate from the University in my family.
The first person who showed a sign of it was struck with epilepsy and he died prematurely.

Seven days after my matriculation into the University, I had a bike accident and the bike man died instantly (his head tore into pieces).
But God’s Grace and Mercy saved me.

Earlier before that time, I held personal vigils for 90 days, praying against the spirit of death.
I was the first person to do white wedding in my family. So it would be foolish to compare myself with some young American preachers whose ancestors did white wedding.

I’m not here to scare anyone. MORE REAL IS OUR VICTORY IN CHRIST. Glory to God!
I’m just here to tell you dear young African minister that YOU HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO in exercising your authority in Christ.
If anybody likes, let them say I’m not deep. No wahala. I read after Kenyon too. I don’t just read Hagin. I eat Hagin, and that’s the fact.

There are young ministers in the past who also read materials on New Creation realities and they took the teachings to the extreme.
Sadly today, some of them are not in ministry and they can’t even explain why they disappeared from ministry.

We had better talk to ourselves. Wisdom is profitable to direct. Many of the fathers you see today flourishing in MINISTRY had dealt with many things in their early and younger days.
Imagine Bishop David Oyedepo said he fasted throughout the year 1985 and at the end, he looked like a skeleton, yet Dad Hagin (one of his mentors) said he hadn’t fasted beyond three days at a stretch.

When people don’t put issues in proper perspective, they get off track and they think everything is Western.
I don’t want to go into personal testimonies of fathers here. They’re just too many.
It is one thing to do ministry in Colorado; it is a different ball game to do ministry at Ijebu-Igbo or Oyan or in some traditional parts of eastern Nigeria.

Even in the New Testament, our Lord Jesus Christ, in His GLORIFIED STATE, told Apostle John that some territories have a higher level of demonic presence than others – He talked about Pergamos where Satan’s seat is – Rev. 2:13.
Here in the city of Ile-Ife where our ministry headquarters is, you see shrines in the hinter land and it’s often said that sacrifices are made everyday of the year except one day.

My father in the Lord, Pastor Peter O. Morakinyo once told me that in the 80s and early 90s, some ministries relocated from Ile-Ife elsewhere.
So, you can’t come to a territory like this and all you’re saying for five minutes per day is, “Glory to God. Hahaha. Hoooooooh. Christ did it all” and you’re eating like elephant plus knocking those who do personal vigils regularly.

No my dear Pastor. We have got to wake up. If you know where you’re coming from and where Christ met you and how He has decorated your life with glory and beauty, there are certain things you don’t come to Facebook to say.
Not every young minister is lucky like Timothy whose grandmother was a sound Christian and also “transferred” a dimension of Faith to Timothy.

When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.
Many young ministers are “STARTING AFRESH”. God has laid on their shoulders the key to open the door for generations coming after them, and if you’re like that, you can’t afford to fail.

They told you that your grand father had 10 wives, and your own Dad has 8 wives, and here’s you are, engaged to a beloved beautiful Kingdom-minded sister, but there’s a hold on your mind to flirt with other sisters and yet you’re the greatest attacker of CAC or MFM on Facebook.

You just come under the strong compulsion to be grabbing sisters around and all you’re saying is, “That spiritual warfare of a thing is for babes. They don’t have the revelation knowledge of Christ”.

Henhen. Bro, you had better wake up and start renewing your mind with the Word, using your revelation knowledge and authority in Christ to deal with that.

Christ has won the VICTORY, and THAT HAS TO BE STRONGLY EMPHASIZED OVER AND OVER AGAIN but Satan still wants to check you out if you really know what you’re saying.
Even Bishop T. D. whose Dad died from complications emanating from obesity at a certain age starting noticing same symptoms around the same age and he dealt with it.
The irony of ministry is that those flows you’re knocking may be what you need for your next level. So stay balanced!

By and large, it’s important to understand your family background, social context, territorial atmosphere, geographical landscape, etc. to help you appropriate your VICTORY IN CHRIST accurately and stop comparing yourself with those who already had the way cleared for them.

It must be your personal resolution that YOU WILL NEVER HAND OVER BATTLES TO YOUR CHILDREN.
Bear the yoke now in the place of prayer and fasting plus deep meditation in God’s Word, for Christ has won the VICTORY and that is the inheritance we hand over to the coming generations.

I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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