By Pastor Peter O. Morakinyo
Believers cannot afford to be watching and waiting alone. We must take our leadership
position through prayer now.

1. Brethren let us pray that this crisis will not lead to war and famine (Two countries, Syria and Libya started with peaceful protests like this, but because the crisis were not well managed, it led to wars which started many years ago and they are still on it till now). Therefore let us reject civil war, tribal war and religious war in Jesus’ Name.

2. Let us put an end to the shedding of innocent blood in this crisis. Let us arrest all the demonically inspired activities and destructive intention of hoodlums and political thugs that have already hijacked the peaceful protest.

3. Let us pray that God will use this crisis to expose all the enemies of progress in this nation and use the crisis to uproot and eliminate them.

4. Let us pray that this crisis will not get out of control, but be peacefully resolved. That it will lead to a peaceful resolution of all the major challenges facing Nigeria.

5. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will hence forth take absolute control. That God’s will for the positive transformation of Nigeria will be effected.

6. Let us pray that righteous and selfless leaders will emerge at the end of this crisis to take up the leadership of the nation.

7. Let us arrest and bind all the spirits of violence, war, looting, bloodshed, destruction and unrest. Let us release and loose the Spirit of peace, love, righteousness upon Nigeria.

8. Let us pray that God will use this crisis to position the Church of God for her leadership role in the country. Let us declare that the Church will come out stronger than what she used to be before the crisis.

9. Let us pray that this crisis will in no way disrupt the plans and purposes of God. That every divine agenda will be preserved and protected.

10. Finally, let us declare that Nigeria has gone through many crises like this in the past and survived. Let us declare that Nigeria will survive this one as well.
This is not a time to fear, complain and lament – it is a time to pray. God bless you as you personally commit yourself to fast and pray on the above prayer points.

God Bless Nigeria!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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