SENSITIVITY TO DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS!!! (Walking In The Manifestation Of Answered Prayers)

Bimbo Animashaun

Now Beloved, when you pray, you must realize that sometimes your answer to prayers will come in form of a divine instruction.

Following the path of that instruction, you will experience the manifestation of your answered prayers.

A lot of believers suffer from what I call “dullness of perception” – the Spirit of God is moving on their hearts at certain times but they’re not able to pick it.
Sensitivity is key to our walk with God friends, because you see dear friends, the ways of God are higher than the ways of man – Isa.55:8-9.

By spiritual sensitivity in your heart, you can establish a vital connection between your PETITIONS and His INSTRUCTIONS so as to walk gloriously in the MANIFESTATION of your desires.

Many children of God miss it here; they seem not to see any connection between DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS and their SPIRITUAL PETITIONS and they keep chasing after the shadows which lead them to frustration.

The bottomline here is that as you pray to the Lord, be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit for signals from above.
Sometimes what He tells you to do after praying may not make sense or any meaning to you because you see “no connection” but your obedience to it is your vital link to receiving the tangibility and manifestation of your desires.

Let me give some examples here. You prayed for new levels of grace in ministry and God instructed you, “Follow that man of God. Read his books and listen to his tapes”.
You prayed for a marriage partner and you just felt deep down in your heart God telling you, “Get more active on social media”.

You prayed for expansion in your business and here’s the Spirit of God telling you, “Join the choir in your church”.
You prayed for the fruit of the womb and way down in your heart you had the nudging of the Spirit to join the children department in your church.

You prayed for success in your career and here you are receiving a leading to read three specific books and dissect them.
You prayed for expansion in ministry and God instructed you to walk more in love with fellow ministers and brethren.
You prayed for open doors in ministry and shortly after you just perceived to take a seed to a man of God.

You see friend, we have many more examples of these dealings of God in our hearts. All we need do is to stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Dad Hagin said the Lord Jesus once told him, “If you can follow the inward witness in your heart, I will make you rich”.

Now a carnal mind will dismiss the connection between obeying inward witness and financial/
material prosperity, but dear friend, we’re not wiser than God.
What’s the connection between seeking a marriage partner in prayer and getting more active on social media?

That’s God for you Beloved. Just follow His instructions and don’t argue with Him. The more you follow and obey Him, the clearer His wisdom becomes to you and you will eventually yell in appreciation, “Thank God I obeyed”.

I must say at this juncture that even though there are clearly spelt out procedures in Scriptures to go about some of the examples that I raised above, it is however instructive to know that while we follow general Scriptural injunctions, we equally need to be sensitive to the Spirit’s instructions per time, which of course do not conflict with Scriptures.

Now the big question; What has God told you to do? What’s the current instruction that is in your spirit? What direction is your perception leading you?
That’s where your breakthrough lies. Praying from now till eternity without following the accompanying instructions is an exercise in futility.

Stop saying that there’s no connection. Stop saying that it doesn’t make sense. Stop “imposing” your own method on the Spirit of God.
Rise up in faith and do what God has laid on your heart. What anybody says to tackle or criticize you does not hold any water.
Therefore go forth in the strength of the Lord and possess your destiny. Your breakthrough is here!
Trust this made your Sunday Sir and Ma?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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