HOW TO BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! (Unlocking The Hidden Power Of The Spirit Man)

Bimbo Animashaun

Your spirit knows what your mind does not know. Your spirit knows what your feelings do not know. Your spirit knows MUCH MORE about your life and destiny than you think.

One fundamental truth set forth in the New Testament is that the reborn, recreated and regenerated spirit of man is KNOWLEDGEABLE; he’s not an ignoramus.
Paul, writing to the church at Colosse, said:
And have put on the new man, which is RENEWED IN KNOWLEDGE after the image of him that created him:

Your reborn spirit is renewed in knowledge. There’s a new kind of knowledge in him. It is not a corruptible knowledge.
It is not a knowledge of physical, transient and ephemiral things; it is coming to grips with the realities of God and of course the salient matters that affect your life and destiny.

It appears to me that the average believer has minimized the latent power of the spirit man.
We have not realized that it’s the greatest entity on earth that hosts all the energies, faculties and possibilities of God.

Again, the Apostle Paul undersocres the imperativeness of the spirit man in interacting with destiny matters.
For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

The things of man here aren’t talking about the clothes you wear, the car you ride, the colour of your tie or hat, or other things that are physical or material; they talk about the intricate details of your life and destiny THAT ARE PERSONAL TO YOU.
Reading this scripture in context, we realize that there’s a vital connection between the Holy Spirit and your spirit and that the Holy Spirit, Who searches the deep things of God, receives them for onward transmission to your spirit.

The most important factor in the School of divine guidance to my mind therefore is “the recreated spirit of man”.
That the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you is eternally constant.

But that your spirit will pick on the frequency of the Holy Spirit is a fluctuating variable that is controlled by your level of engagement with the things of the Spirit.
At this juncture, it behooves us to understand that NOT ALL THE COMMUNICATIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ARE AUDIBLE.

Most of His communications will be in form of dealings in your heart (your spirit) and your ability to pick them will determine your level of performance in destiny.
For instance, we’re told in the Book of Romans:

The Spirit itself beareth WITNESS with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
Notice that based on this scripture, the Holy Spirit deals directly with our spirits, meaning that there’s a connection between the two of them.

The witness of the Spirit being talked about in this scripture is the silent, inaudible communication of the Holy Spirit to your spirit which translates into a KNOWING and AWARENESS in your heart.

It sets forth the principle of inaudible communication of the Spirit in our hearts with its infinite varieties, which if followed through, leads us to a life of peace, joy, abundance and prosperity.

At times when certain things happen to some believers, you hear them say something like, “And something told me o”.
Now that is the language of the untrained. The Holy Spirit is not “something”; He’s a Person. He gets through to us in our spirits.
Also, many believers are in the habit of overtly or covertly dismissing the promptings of the Spirit in their hearts because they don’t come in spectacular ways.

But listen to this dear friend, the Holy Spirit does not start us off from the unfamiliar to the familiar; He begins with us from the familiar to the “unfamiliar”.
Stop craving to hear audible voices; demons will infiltrate your channels of communication that way.

If God decides to lead you that way, then so be it, but don’t start from the unfamiliar to the familiar – it’s against the protocol of divine guidance.
My goal in this teaching is to bring to light those silent and inaudible communications in your spirit which take the form of inner witness, perceptions, impressions, inspirations, heart stirrings, sanctified thoughts, nudgings, green signals, red signals, constraints, restraints, sudden quickening of scriptures, supernatural memory, anointed explanations, inner peace, etc.

A lot of times, believers dismiss these because they don’t appear SPECTACULAR. But that’s wrong.
Whether an angel appears to you to deliver a word or you hear an audible voice or you see fire and thunder does not make any difference.

The most important thing is to get the contents of God’s mind administered by the Holy Spirit and diffused into your spirit in any of the above-stated forms or in some other way based on the discretion of the Holy Ghost.

In the New Testament, you hear Paul say things like, “I perceive” – Acts 27:10; we see the Holy Ghost quicken the memory of Peter, ” Then remembered I the word of the Lord” – Acts 11:16.

We see the Holy Spirit restraining Paul and his team from preaching the Gospel in Asia and Bithynia – Acts 16:6-7.
We see them following the prompting in their hearts to preach the Word in Macedonia in addition to the vision that Paul saw earlier – Acts 16:10.

We see Paul talking about his conscience bearing him witness in the Holy Ghost – Rm.9:1.
We see Peter, James and John “perceiving” the apostolic grace upon Paul and Barnabas – Gal.2:9, plus other examples!!!

Notice that in all of these examples, there’s no one single case where anyone said THEY HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD, yet it was God getting in touch with them through these inaudible channels of communications.
“Sometimes” when you hear someone say, “The Lord spoke to me”, what happened was that he actually “perceived” but same result is guaranteed.

The bottomline is that you shouldn’t dismiss those impressions in your heart. Don’t say you’re the one thinking them.
Learn to follow the promptings in your spirit. Learn to study the moving of the waters in your heart “per second”.

By God’s Grace, I have trained my spirit to a point that sometimes, I just perceive in my heart in the midnight that the time is 3:26am or it could be another time and when I check the wall clock or my phone, I’m surprised to see the same time – it still happened two nights ago.

Sometimes you just have a nudging in your heart to call someone on phone and you dismiss it for three days, then on the fourth day, the person calls you and you knock yourself on the head.
You see, YOU CAN BECOME SKILFUL AND USEFUL IN THE HOLY GHOST – and this comes by training and cultivation.

Let me tell you one secret friends and I lie not; 99.9% of my teachings ONLINE and ONGROUND are received through this medium, including this one.
I left the studio about 2 hours ago where I went to do my Radio teachings and shortly after the Holy Spirit “prompted” my heart to put forth this teaching on Facebook.

The Lord Jesus once told Dad Hagin, “If you can follow the inward witness, I will make you rich”.

Therefore follow the PROMPTINGS of God in your spirit even if they don’t make sense, and at the end, you will have a testimony to share to the praise of the glory of His Name.
Remember, the things of the Spirit are not MYSTICAL; they are PRACTICAL!

It’s time to unlock the hidden power of your reborn spirit for your maximum profiting on the earth!!
Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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