The lord gave me a message that when I teach this, he will release radical breakthrough to the life of men, believe me, you will hear of lives changing over night, if you have never believed a man of God in your life can’t you just believe for once?

Someone who got admission in NDA and the required height level the person do not have that required height level and you know military people they are very serous.

He returned back to zaria and then meet the Emire and the Emire sent that they should go and tell the commander that the Emire had added the height of the person.

Who is adding your height in this wicked world? Listen this our world is feared and wicked, who is adding your height.
When people conspire and say no we must destroy Him, who is the authorize voice that will stand for you and say no.

I will show you why door don’t open, the truth is I want to admit this with all humility,
Many of us are already prepared for the next level but the endorsement is the key……..

Oral Robert helped Benny,
There was a particular man of God I think Benson Idahosa, who sent Bishop Oyedepo on errand when he was starting and Oyidepo showed up fast, the man looked at him and said you mean you came at the time.

He said from today I impact upon you the grace of on time. Before a need arises your supplies come, there is such a grace.
We will be making this prayer
O God who ever holds the strategy the idea I need to triumph, I open the gate of my spirit and I receive them as a gift.

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