Centre on “Refresh and Relaunch” Acts 9:1-31, Matthew 11:25-29
There is nothing happening in our lives that there is no word for, in the Scripture. The only challenge is, sometimes the events or issues of life distracts us from seeing the solutions in the word of God. God intends for us to be refreshed and not be tossed to and fro by life’s challenges.

To be refreshed means,
i) To breathe or to be breathe upon: To live, you need the breath of God. The breath of God is the Spirit of God. As spiritual beings, we breath in and out which entails ejecting and rejecting the old and receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit to be strengthened and to be in charge of the events of life so that we are not overwhelmed.ii) To rest
The word refresh also means “to rest”.. Matthew 11:25-29. People are loaded with so much issues and challenges of life but the Lord wants us to have rest. God himself is refered to “the rest”. There is no need to be worried about the future and subjected to the dictates of this world. God is in charge of our affairs. Genesis 12:3. We should be at rest, working not from the place of stress but from the reality of God’s blessings.iii) To restore
To refresh also means restoration of everything that has been lost. Supernaturally, a believer releases grace and virtues. There is a need for restoration of those virtues. There is a demand on the grace and anointing of God from us, we need to stay connected to God for constant supply. God restores much much more than we lost. Psalms 23:3.iv) To be relieved or revived
God pours more life into us to revive whatever is dying out in our lives, bringing about rejuvenation.v) To enjoy peace all round
To refresh means to have and enjoy peace. Jesus is our peace. We live in a world that is not peaceful. It is only in Jesus that we can find true peace. John 16:33. There are things that will come against you because you are a representative of God’s Kingdom but in Jesus, you can have peace.vi) To have more rooms
Being refreshed means that God is making rooms for us; creating an avenue for us to have more territory and influence to dominate.vii) To cool off
To be refreshed means to cool off from the heat and cease from stress and challenges. Cast your burden on Christ. Matthew 6:25
Things that can help us have rest
i) Repentance..Acts 3:17-18
Have a change of mind about the things that have happened. Press forward and forget the past. Repent by giving God attention more than you give your needs attention.ii) Focus..Hebrews 12:1-2
In all the issues of life, focus on Jesus. Look into Jesus always, not only when things are not going well.iii) Mixing the word with faith
Believers have to be deliberate by speaking the word. It is one of the ways to mix the word with faith. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Hebrews 13:6iv) Be still in worship
Worship God. It strengthens and provides empowerment.v) Prayer.. Phillippians 4:6
Prayer is an avenue to communicate with God, receive instructions that keep us at peace with ourselves, men and God. Luke 18:1, James 5:14.After being refreshed, God relaunches us into a new, better and fresh atmosphere. God is our launcher. He is the one that jumpstarts, empowers, calls, directs, leads and instructs us to do His work and fulfill purpose. For some people, there are things you have started by your flesh, God will end it and relaunch you by the Spirit. It could be ministry, business, relationship etc.You can’t be set ablaze for God and not be launched. Mark 3:13. In everything God does, there is always a sending. God has not stopped calling people to send them out. Even Jesus was sent to save the lost. Matthew 18:11, Luke 19:10. Moses was also called to deliver the Israelites. Anybody doing anything on God’s behalf is a man of God. A man of God is not necessarily a pastor but a pastor is a man of God. A man of God is someone who hears from God and carries out instructions. For every word God speaks, there is a supernatural dimension of it. There is a word of grace and there is Spirit of grace. You can have the word of grace and not really be experiencing grace dimension in your life until you flow and fellowship with the Spirit of grace.The reason why people have love, they are even born of God who is love but are not loving is because they are not operating in the dimension of the Spirit of love. Don’t just have the knowledge and revelation of something, you have to operate in the Spirit dimension of it. What God wants to call you into, you need to be charged to move into it.To be launched by God, you have to fellowship with Him. Operating in the Spirit of the word is taking the word you receive to the place of prayer until you pray and meditate the word to the extent that the Spirit of the word give you instructions out of what you know. In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus preached the Gospel using Peter’s boat.Peter provided the platform (boat) through which Jesus was able to preach to the people (partnership). Afterwards, God told him to launch out into the deep and let his net down. That was the point where Peter was able to catch so many fishes. His business changed from that point. Peter didn’t just provide the boat (partner) and leave. He partnered, stayed and fellowshipped.Through fellowship, Peter was able to get instructions from Jesus that helped his business. The fruit of partnership comes from hearing from the same thing you partner with. Peter had been following God, learning from Him, then God launched and relaunched him.Frustration is the resultant effect of launching without hearing from God. Peter toiled all night without catching any fish until he got instructions from God. Get conversant with the Spirit of the word. It launches you far beyond your imagination.
Whoever God will use, he is concerned about every area of their lives. He makes provision available. He launches them and the result borne from the launch is usually enormousReflector Hub

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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