Text: Habakkuk 2:2-3
Vision is the ability to see potentials, the ability to sense the future with intuition, an opportunity to overcome our limitations.
Don’t cave in with the harsh conditions, rather, leverage on God’s given gift of vision and imagination.

The Holy Spirit is the remarkable personality that helps us with our vision, He takes us from the realm of our 5 senses to God’s realm.

What do you see in your imagination?
The Father loves you so He will show you miracles. Receive the capacity to dream.
It is not when the millions enter your account that you become the millionaire, it is when you become a millionaire, that’s when the millions have no choice but to enter your account because that’s how it works.

The power of the Holy Spirit is coming on someone right now, you are breaking barriers right now in the name of Jesus because the power of God is on you.
What was impossible for you before this service has become possible now in the name of Jesus.

In the place of sicknesses and diseases receive the visions of healing in the name of Jesus Christ
In the place of lack receive visions of abundance and provision in the name of Jesus Christ.

The cycle of failure is broken, if your mind was filled with curses that thought is destroyed in the name of Jesus. A new cycle begins in your life.

Romans 12:2
God has designed your life from the inside out. When He wants to change your life, He changes your thoughts and the picture in your imagination.

When your inside changes, your outside catches up with it. On the flip side, what you see long enough with your physical eyes affects your imagination and shapes your life. Satan wants you fixated on negative events around you, you must however engage in vision fights.

When God gives you a vision, you automatically become a magnet for satan. Satan will never steal your dreams anymore. Get ready for your vision fights.
When God gives you a vision, that vision ultimately triumphs. To win your vision fights, depend on God. Once Satan limits your imagination, he won the vision fights already.

1. Pray for vision
2. Recall the vision God has given you and use it to displace negative thoughts
3. Produce physical representations of your vision and use them to program your life from the outside in.
4. Drag the future into the present by taking practical action now.

Heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ, I have spoken your words not mine and I ask right now in the mighty name of Jesus let your power rest on everyone that is a part of this service.

Oh! Lord. Jesus we receive miracles, we receive new visions, new dreams, ideas, thoughts, possibilities, in the name of Jesus
If you gave someone a vision before and the vision has gone to sleep Father resurrect them right now in the mighty name of Jesus
Father let today mark the beginning of restoration. Everything that belongs to us by destiny let angels go to work on our behalf
Let there be physical healing in our bodies right now.

Thank you Lord, Jesus restore relationships, restore opportunities in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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