God can give strength to the faint.. Whatever you have to do, keep moving..Even of you cry, cry and keep moving..

Even if you feel discouraged, keep moving..
Insist that i will never stop.
If God has not stopped on me, then I will never stop on myself.

I know He has called me to be a worshipper to the nations, but my first song after three months only two people liked it…
No problem..just continue..

Some of you put your sermons online and you had only four comments and all of them were criticisms..Some will call you false prophet and you say you will never go back online again or preach again..No…
Please continue..

Receive the grace to continue..
Receive the grace to keep praying..
Receive the grace to keep speaking..
Someone can come to your family and say Kai..this your family you will never change..
But keep declaring.

With my eyes I shall surely see the salvation of the Lord..
Surely there is an end..My tomorrow is better than my today..
I will one day be called Beulah and Hebzibah.

I am the planting of the Lord, a well watered garden..
“Thou hast caused men to ride upon our heads, we walked through water and through fire but thou brought us into a wealthy place”

“The Lord is my light and salvation
Of whom shall I be afraid?”

Reflector Hub

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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