In this kingdom, it is a risk to loose joy. We must sustain grace to sing even in the midst of storms. There are people who remain joyful and you can’t tell when they are sad .

They remain hopeful even in the midst of pain. Joy attracts God’s power.
The joy of the Lord is strength.God wants to come through for many but many have closed the door in anger and pain..

Sometimes God helps them by putting a song in their hearts to open up the well of joy in them that paves way for him to come. Those songs are like ladders they climb till they reach what God has in store.

We live in a time when the devil gives us so many reasons to be sad..But I teach you how to cheat the devil. Guard your joy. Take your eyes off the problem and focus on the God of your salvation.

Everything your mind focuses on continuously is magnified.
Focus on Jesus.You can dance your way to victory.

Reflector Hub

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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