FRANK TALK ON “MARITAL LOVE”!!! (For Christian Brothers)

Dear Anointed Brother,
Please kindly note that NOT EVERY SISTER will be maritally attracted to you because you carry A VERY STRONG ANOINTING.
It is misleading to think that the anointing is the key to the heart of a woman.

Many sisters around you will simply love you as a child of God and as a Pastor.
Being the President of your Fellowship does not mean that a sister will fall in love with you on that level.

“Presidency” is not the key to the heart of a sister. There are many Fellowship Presidents whose marriage proposals have been turned down by sisters in the past.
You see, some of those sisters you see around you simply love you as their leader. They like your depth, insight, leadership and charisma but they don’t see you as their husband.

It is gross abuse of power and divine privilege to take advantage of a daughter of Zion on the basis of your anointing.
No, it simply doesn’t work that way. You will notice that some sisters can go all the way for you simply because they honour you as their Pastor, but the day you cross the line into marriage proposal, then you will know “your true level”.

You can break “revs”, preach fire and brimstone, heal the sick, flow in the gifts of the Spirit, cast out devils and even raise the dead, it doesn’t automatically mean that a lady will say “Yes” to your marriage proposal on that basis.

I have seen Christian Brothers who were spiritual leaders “turned down” by beloved sisters on marriage proposal not because those sisters are carnal but because they didn’t have marital affection for them.
It’s left to the sister to pray and discern the mind of God on the matter but note that the fact that a sister turned down your marriage proposal does not make her carnal (people have different reasons for their actions).

It will surprise you that beyond anointing, factors like your manner of speech, mode of dressing, caring attitude, relational skill, simplicity, honesty, attention to details, composure, demeanour, etc. will endear you to the heart of a sister.

That’s why you see some Brothers marry very beautiful sisters of Zion.
It goes beyond BEING ANOINTED dear friend. You can be heavily anointed but if you are tough, high-handed, and insensitive, “a sister will be waiting for you somewhere”.
Therefore, as a Christian Brother, you will need to discern the mind of God concerning your marital life and also work on yourself.
How do you talk? How do you address people? How do you relate?

Truth is that MARITALLY SPEAKING, sisters are attracted to your PERSONALITY more than your ANOINTING, and you may just need to close the gap.
As I close, I like to state EMPHATICALLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY AND UNAPOLOGETICALLY that I believe that God still leads us in our marital choices by His Spirit – Rm.8:16.

This piece is aimed at bringing in the balance and closing the gaps in that even though the will of God may be established on a marital choice, certain variables may however need to be dealt with to make it work.

History and experience are credible witnesses to this fact!
I hope this made little sense?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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