REALITY OF HEAVEN AND HELL – Apostle Joshua Selman

If you have everything in this life and you don’t have Jesus, you don’t have anything. If don’t care what qualification, if care what material benefit, if don’t care what you have in this life. If you don’t have Jesus, a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you have multiple your destiny by zero.

The bible say that he may deep the tip of his finger.(Lazarus and the rich man)…what kind of suffering will make a deep of water an asset. You can go to the dam this night and fetch water police will not arrest you, is that true. If you go to a filling station they arrest you. Water is a free thing in the earth here….

I know that a lot of musicians have sang, taught people that is better to be a king in hell. is that not true? Continue you will find out whether there is a any king in hell. Those people have not gone to hell.

See Satan is called a deceiver, that somebody is dancing in a movie around fire and nothing happens, is film trick let me tell you the truth. In hell nobody is joking. God, satan, demon, other people who are there. nobody can help another person.
And very soon, I tell you very soon. This age will wrap up, listen to me. A day will come when Christ come, those who are left behind will hear Joshua Selman preaching. Yes the messages will still be in laptops, somebody will hear it. You have the opportunity to hear it right now and take your destiny very serious.

Hear me you can you can choose to believe what am saying or not. That is in relevant…. Everybody will call Jesus Lord one day, the problem is that some people it will be late.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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