STEPS TO KNOWING GOD – Apostle Joshua Selman

I wrote something down here…. I put a six step process to knowing God.
Number one….the first dimension I say is AN ENCOUNTER
Number two an encounter lead to REVELATION

Number three revelation brings CONVICTION
Number four conviction produces FAITH
Faith produces action of OBEDIENCE
An your action of obedience produces RESULTS. So this is how it works…….

It starts with an encounter and ends with an inspiring result…..
If you want to excel…this is what you will need to pass through…. This means for instance if you want to prosper, then there is a dimension of God you will have to encounter.

When you encounter Jehovah Jireh. There is something about that name, when you encounter that name, it produces revelation on the principal of Him to prosper you. Then it create conviction, now you give if God tells you to empty your account, you are not wondering will if happen. You can take a step of faith because is from a stand point of conviction.

I tell you why the giving of many people never produces results…. For many people it is out of pressure and for other is out of religious, yet for other is even competition. So there is no life that sponsor that activity.
You give out of conviction and watch what happens. There are times that your harvest is waiting right there where you are keeping the seed. You drop the seed and pick the harvest.

So people bring their tithe and bring their offering in anger like a bribe and hoping that God sees them and hoping that God’s see their anger. Lord am dropping it, is my account am emptying now hmm, I hope you are watching. And God say what is your idea of me. If you being evil know how to give God gift is it in your bible.

But somebody comes and say Lord I trust you, When you give to a rich man do you cry. When a rich say am looking for change, you are quick to bring it because you know what will be your reward for meeting a rich man need. Every man blesses according to the riches in the bank…. Unfortunate God bank is called glory. So he supply your need not according to your need, because sometimes your need is an insult.

So he has to supply it according to his riches in glory. Please don’t think am just motivating you, is true. But the people that do know their God.

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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