Bimbo Animashaun

The greatest things that will affect your life positively will come from “within” you; not from “without”. They will come from the “inside” of you; not from the “outside”.
There’s something that the Spirit of God is saying or “whispering” to your heart that will change your life forever if only you can listen.

You can live naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural on the landscape of time by following the flows in your spirit.
The good things of life that will catapult you to the height of glory will come from the good treasures of your heart – Matt.12:35.
Therefore pay attention to your internal environment. The system of this world is aimed at configuring you to walk by the circumstances around you and not by the realities that are within you.

For instance, FAITH is a powerful force that guarantees unlimited possibilities on the earth but notice that it comes from your spirit – from your heart – Rm.10:10.
Also, LOVE as we know, is the key to victory and LOVE NEVER FAILS – 1Cor.13:8 but notice that it also comes from within you – from your heart or spirit – Rm.5:5.

You will also notice that PRIMARILY and FUNDAMENTALLY SPEAKING, the LEADINGS of the Spirit of God will come from your spirit – Rm.8:16.
And when you follow these leadings of the Spirit of God in your heart, they will put you on top on the earth – in every aspect of your life.

Your spirit is therefore more potent and powerful than your mind if you’re a new creation in Christ.
As a matter of fact, in the organogram of the constituent parts of man, the spirit exercises leadership over the mind and the mind is designed to process the information received from the spirit.

That’s how it ought to be! Many believers CRACK THEIR BRAIN to get vital clues into the complexities of life instead of them to simply STIR THEIR SPIRITS and the light of Heaven will break forth.

Your mind should not be dormant or moribund of course but the point is that you’re supposed to think under the influence of “Zoe” i.e. the very life of God which is the governing influence over your reborn and recreated spirit in Christ.

That’s the balance here! You will only explore the full potentials and possibilities of your mind when you understand the organic synergy between your reborn spirit and your renewed mind under the auspices of Zoe, the very life of God.

I hope that’s clear Sir and Ma? Your spirit is spiritually knowledgeable – Col.3:10, 1 Cor.2:11, 2Cor.4:6 although that knowledge grows through continuous engagement and interaction with the revelation of God’s Word by the Holy Spirit – 2 Cor.3:18.

The secrets that will guarantee your “greatness” on the earth are coded in the Holy Ghost and decoded by your spirit for onward transmission to your mind as profitable ideas with tangible proofs and results.

The best strategy to undertake therefore is to STIR YOUR SPIRIT. STOP CRACKING YOUR BRAIN and STOP SHAKING YOUR HEAD; the answer is right there in your heart.
I remember how God settled my marital life in October 2002 ( that’s eighteen years ago).
I was writing my GCE having done my SSCE earlier in June/July. That night, I sat on a three-seater cushion chair where I lodged with my friend and my uncle.

Then deep down in my spirit, I heard these words, “Son, I will speak to you about your marital life tonight”. I heard those in my spirit VERY CLEARLY.
No guess work by God’s Grace. That night the Lord in a vision showed me the sister to marry (and we’re married together today by God’s Grace); He showed me the number of children that we would have and their gender; He showed me my house and EVERYTHING GOT SETTLED THERE by God’s Grace.

Eighteen years have gone and that word and vision are still very fresh in my heart with a significant portion of that vision fulfilled already while I walk in faith to bring the remaining part to pass.

You see friend; IT ALL STARTED FROM MY SPIRIT. That’s LIFE IN THE SPIRIT. That’s how to live as a successful Christian, not being tossed to and fro by the circumstances that go on around you.
Life in the Spirit is not guess work. It’s very interesting and exciting as we follow through the path that God has ordained for us.

The possibilities that can come out of your spirit are IMMEASURABLE. Remember what our Lord Jesus once said:
JOHN 7:38
He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow RIVERS of living water.

Notice He didn’t say “RIVER”; He said “RIVERS” (plural). And from where will they flow? From your belly or your spirit or your heart! Glory to God!
That means INSIDE YOUR SPIRIT THERE ARE UNCOUNTABLE RIVERS i.e. the dimensions of the Holy Ghost as we’re told in verse 39.

Now note this; INSIDE EVERY SINGLE RIVER THERE ARE UNCOUNTABLE STREAMS. How do I know that? Please read:
PSALM 46:4
THERE IS A RIVER, THE STREAMS WHEREOF shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.
Boom!!! If there are uncountable streams inside one single river, and then RIVERS (not RIVER) of living water shall flow out of your spirit, then how many streams do you have in your spirit?

If you therefore have uncountable rivers in your spirit, then how many streams are there in your spirit? THE ANSWER IS VERY CLEAR!
You can now see the weight and magnitude of what you’re carrying on the inside.
These Rivers of Living Water, which is the Holy Ghost that is resident in your spirit is to be released through the spiritual trigger given to us in this post resurrection era i.e. SPEAKING IN TONGUES – Jn.7:39, Acts 2:4, Acts 2:11, 1Cor.14:18.

Therefore the way to STIR YOUR SPIRIT is to SPEAK CONSTANTLY IN TONGUES. By that you will be able to interact with the hidden wisdom of God ordained from the foundation of the world unto your glory – 1Cor. 2:7.

Your spirit will also be constantly conditioned to pick on the frequency of the Holy Spirit and you will consequently operate on the wavelength of glory.
Therefore STOP CRACKING YOUR BRAIN; START STIRRING YOUR SPIRIT. Stir up the deposit of God on your inside dear friend – 2.Tim.1:6.

I sense in my heart the Lord telling somebody on this platform that you have not paid attention to His dealings in your heart. Your perception has been beclouded by the noise in your environment.
But listen very carefully dear friend; THERE’S NOISE ON THE OUTSIDE BUT THERE’S VOICE ON THE INSIDE. NOISE will confuse you but VOICE will direct you.

Be still and know that I am the Lord, the Word says – Ps.46:10. Friend, I have no doubt that this season has been ordained for your elevation to a higher height of glory.
I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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