“PERSONAL”, “CULTURAL” AND “SCRIPTURAL” THINGS!!! (Roadmap To Ministerial Balance)

– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Dear minister, please always differentiate between PERSONAL, CULTURAL and SCRIPTURAL things in ministry.
This is one of the major keys to STAYING BALANCED in the work of the ministry.

We cannot operate the same way in ministry; the most important thing is for us to be submitted to the authority of SCRIPTURES and be guided by the Spirit.
The Holy Spirit trains us in these little little things or variables to bring us into ministerial balance and soundness.

For instance, it is a show of maturity and sensitivity not to make PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS a PUBLIC “ENFORCEMENT”.
There are things that God told you and they’re applicable to you alone; you can’t force them on other people because God didn’t tell them the same thing.

If God instructed you to go on 21 days fasting and prayer, you can’t come online or to the public in general and ask everyone to fast for 21 days because that’s a PERSONAL INSTRUCTION to you.
Also, PERSONALLY, you may not like to be officially addressed as a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Apostle, Bishop, etc.; you may simply prefer to be addressed as “Brother” and that’s fine.

But you can’t impose that on everybody. It’s a PERSONAL THING. Truth is that all of us can’t be referred to officially as “Brother”.
You know the Bible doesn’t say He gave some Brothers and Sisters, it says He gave some Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers – Eph.4:11.

Is there anything wrong in being officially addressed as “Brother”? No! No!! No!!!
Afterall Peter once called Paul “Bro” – 2 Pet.3:15-16 but the same Paul said he was THE APOSTLE of the Gentiles – Rm.11:13.

You see, it’s important to note that there’s a difference between pride and affirmation of your divine calling – they aren’t the same at all.
You don’t need to blackmail anyone into doing what is PERSONAL to you; you will lose valuable relationships in ministry like that.

I have always maintained that you can’t be a sound preacher or teacher of God’s Word if you’re not divested of personal prejudices and idiosyncrasies.
A minister doesn’t play to the gallery; he puts the principles of God’s Word above PERSONAL THINGS and CULTURAL THINGS.

One day, one of the father figures in my life told me in his office, “Pastor Bimbo, I know that the way you’re going, you will become a Bishop one day”.
And I quickly responded, “Daddy, is there anything wrong in being a Bishop? Does the Bible go against it …?”.

We just laughed over the whole thing. You see, in ministry, you must differentiate between HONOUR and the COMPROMISE OF PRINCIPLES.
As much as I HONOUR everyone ahead of me, I don’t do blind loyalty. I don’t play games. I believe in Scriptures, not sentiments.

So, some things are simply PERSONAL to you and they end there; they can’t be imposed on other people.
If you don’t like wearing suits, that’s PERSONAL. If you don’t like eating beans, that’s PERSONAL.

If you don’t like using pictures for your posts or you like using pictures, that’s PERSONAL. If you don’t like watching Football matches, that’s PERSONAL.
You can’t and you shouldn’t impose that on every other person – that’s not the way it is done in ministry.

Also, there are things that are CULTURAL, and to a very large extent, we should respect CULTURE especially when it does not conflict with SCRIPTURES.
The Apostle Paul gave CULTURE its place while writing to the Corinthians – 1 Cor.11:16.

It is wisdom for a minister to understand the CULTURAL CONTEXT in which he’s ministering and honour the people accordingly.
But where the CULTURE is reprehensible both MORALLY and SCRIPTURALLY, the minister draws the line.

One thing about CULTURE is that people are sensitive to their CULTURE and they sometimes have affinity to it and you can’t blame them for it.
In Nigeria for instance, if you’re a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa minister in terms of ethnic extraction (NOT IN TERMS OF YOUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST), you should simply differentiate between what is CULTURAL and what is SCRIPTURAL.

Cultural modes of behavior should not be confused with THE STANDARD OF SCRIPTURES, and we need not to blackmail anyone for not carrying out what is CULTURALLY PECULIAR to us.
And then finally, there are SCRIPTURAL THINGS – they take the PREEMINENCE.

It’s not about what you feel or think, PERSONAL THINGS OR CULTURAL THINGS; this is God’s Word and it’s binding on all of us.
If we can simply go by SCRIPTURES, then there would be no schism and dissension within our ranks.

Peaceful co-existence is SCRIPTURAL. Walking in love and forgiveness is SCRIPTURAL.

Dignity of labour is SCRIPTURAL. Payment of taxes is SCRIPTURAL. Marriage between man and woman is SCRIPTURAL, plus LOTS MORE.
It is right for the minister to differentiate between PERSONAL THINGS, CULTURAL THINGS and SCRIPTURAL THINGS and to put SCRIPTURES first.

If you as a minister can do it sincerely, it will affect your ministry in a positive way. It will go a long way in bringing you into BALANCE in the ministry of the Word.
It will make you to walk in love with other ministers in the Body of Christ and it will ultimately bring honour and glory to the Name of the Lord.
I believe it’s the way to go, God helping us and His Grace enabling us.
Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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