SEVEN FACTS ABOUT “SPIRITUAL FATHERING”!!! (Prophetic Guide To Exploits In Ministry)

Bimbo Animashaun

I don’t really know “who” this teaching is meant for but sometime ago, I was in a early morning vision where the Spirit of God through one of my teachers in ministry gave me the substance of this teaching.

At times we receive teachings supernaturally through this medium but it’s not really the “ideal” experience but an “exceptional” experience.

In that vision, I sat before the man of God in a big auditorium and he began to teach about “Spiritual Fathering” and he highlighted SEVEN POINTS which I wrote in my notepad immediately I woke up.

Although I’m painfully aware that THESE SEVEN POINTS may not cover every aspect of Spiritual Fathering but they are real gems that are very pivotal and fundamental to this Kingdom principle.

As a matter of fact, I believe that a thorough understanding of these points will suffice in an holistic manner when interracting with the principle of Kingdom Fathering.

Coming from this extremely illuminating background therefore, the reader is advised to domesticate these points and engage with them at his own personal level.

I will just highlight THESE SEVEN POINTS in the order they were dictated to me in that early morning vision and teach briefly on them.

They revolve around issues that involve the spiritual father himself but MOST ESPECIALLY the spiritual son or daughter, and it’s very expedient to understand them thoroughly.


(1) DEMAND: It’s not true that fathers don’t make demands on their spiritual children; it depends on the kind of demand and the fact of their conformity with the principles of God’s Word.

No spiritual son or daughter can grow into the full stature of his calling and destiny without responding positively to demands made by their spiritual father.

Spiritual demands stretch us beyond our limits to make us better and more productive. You can’t remain in your comfort zone and grow as a son.

Fathers give us instructions. Fathers give us assignments. Fathers take us beyond our current realities through prophetic instructions.

Read about Moses and Joshua; Elijah and Elisha; Paul and Timothy, etc.

Anyone who cannot INSTRUCT you cannot therefore be your spiritual father.

(2) CONNECTIVITY: The lubricant that will sustain the father/son relationship is first a HEART CONNECTION and then MENTAL CONNECTION.

Your HEART is your most precious and valuable asset in Kingdom Followership.

Spiritual Fathering is not about struggle or coercion; YOUR HEART MUST JUST BE CONNECTED.

The apostle Paul talked about the fact that he and his son, Timothy were “LIKE-MINDED” – Phil.2:20.

See friend; you can’t fake this; if it’s there, then it’s there and if it’s not there, then it’s not there.

The reason the twelve apostles could not disconnect from Jesus was their HEART CONNECTION and MENTAL CONNECTION despite the fact that other people disconnected due to the weight of teachings and the toughness of the tutelage He gave them – Jn.6:59-60, 66.

But Peter, speaking on behalf of the twelve of them, said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life” – Jn.6:68.

By MENTAL CONNECTION I mean you come to a point where there’s alignment of thinking.

Why should you and your spiritual father “disagree” on everything including the FUNDAMENTALS? Check it out friend; that relationship may not last.

It is very hard to soak this in but that’s the truth. Fathers and sons are mostly united in the same mind and judgment – 1Cor.1:10, Phil.1:7.

Paul told Timothy to continue in all the things he had learned from and seen in him – 2 Tim.3:10. This shows that they were on the same page.

Imagine you believe in speaking in tongues but your father does not believe in speaking in tongues.

Imagine you believe in supernatural manifestions but your father does not even believe in the manifestsion of the gifts of the Spirit.

It’s self-evident that it can’t work because the Word of God (in its fundamentals) is being compromised.

(3) COSTLINESS: Spiritual Fathering is COSTLY – it comes with A HEAVY COST. Sometimes the father will take responsibility for the assets and “liabilities” in the lives of his spiritual children.

If a spiritual son makes a gaffe, the father can’t say he doesn’t know him again. This is the reason it appears as if SOME FATHERS ARE VERY TOUGH.

You see; they have a name to protect. And if you’re very familiar with ministry terrain, you know that it takes time to build a name through the Grace of God in ministry.

Why will someone call you his spiritual father and he has impregnated seven ladies across seven states in Nigeria?

Mehn!!! That’s when we know that FATHERING is not LUXURY but RESPONSIBILITY.

That’s why a strong and genuine father will be bent on training his sons and daughters because you see, in the long run, when issues come up, he would not be spared especially by the media.

Let me just put that point to a halt there; God is the Strength of spiritual fathers!

(4) ADAPTABILITY: A true son or daughter does not expect the father to adapt to his own mode or dance to his own tunes; he rather adapts and adjusts to the model and template provided by the father.

Truth is that so far what your spiritual father asks you to do is not against the Bible and does not betray the principles of moral consciense, then you have no excuse my dear friend.

If you’re sure that God has led you to connect someone as your spiritual father, then you must be willing and ready to let go of some of your “personal things” – that’s one of the greatest tests of your LOYALTY – 1 Kgs. 19:19-21, Mk.10:28.

If your father tells you to read a book and finish it up in two weeks, you don’t say, “Sir, I’m not used to reading books; I only watch videos”. You have to adapt if you’re really ready to be fathered.

One day, one of Bishop David Oyedepo’s sons came to him and as they were talking, Papa said, “My son, your words are weak. Which book are you reading currently?”. That’s a father!

When Elijah told Elisha that God had first led him to Jericho (if you know what Jericho represents spiritually), he didn’t tell his father, “Sir, but I feel like going to Jordan first”; he had to adapt and adjust – 2 Kgs.2:4.

Today, we see “sons” in the Body of Christ who want their fathers to cancel their own programmes and change the dates so as to fit into their own programmes. What a generation!

(5) SENSITIVITY: Spiritual Fathering is very SENSITIVE. It’s not a matter to rationalize. YOU DON’T CHOOSE YOUR FATHER; YOU DISCOVER YOUR FATHER.

You can have every other thing in excess more than your spiritual father but you can’t have more AUTHORITY than your father.

I remember some years ago (in the year 2007 specifically), after I had recuperated from the fracture sustained from a road traffic accident, having being bedridden for four months in the hospital and having used non-weight bearing ambulation for few months, Satan began to torment my mind with the spirit of fear.

“Lord, before this happened, I had a premonition. I held a 90-day vigil to pray against the spirit of death. But this still happened. Some people look up to me as their Pastor, what will be their fate? What does the future hold for me in ministry?”.

I told the Lord all of that. My spiritual father, Pastor Peter O. Morakinyo saw it. I was staying with him at that trying moment in ministry.

One night, Daddy called me to kneel down, he took a bottle of oil, anointed me and rebuked the spirit of fear, and dear friend, God is my eternal Witness, IMMEDIATELY I felt a weight lifted off me and that was THE LAST TIME I ever had that thought and feeling of fear. Glory to God!

Kenneth Copeland once prayed for his spiritual son, Creflo Dollar and rebuked the spirit of fear.

Creflo Dollar was involved in an accident in his younger years and the spirit of fear took advantage of that window.

It was his spiritual father, Kenneth Copeland who dealt with it to the Glory of God.

Hear this friend; FATHERS DEAL WITH OUR FEARS (whatever shade they are).

So, it’s a SENSITIVE matter. Learn to be DISCERNING; not SENTIMENTAL!

Remember that Paul had to deal with an unspoken fear in Timothy – 2 Tim.1:7.

(6) ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability is at the very heart of Spiritual Fathering. A true son and daughter is accountable.

Accountability is very key in ministry. A minister who is not accountable cannot be trusted with leadership.

Lack of accountability leads to abuse of power. Even the great apostle Paul was accountable to the pillars of the early Church – Gal.2:2, 9.

People go into extremes and excesses today (both doctrinal and practical) because nobody can speak into their lives.

A minister who is not accountable cannot handle autonomy in ministry.

We have seen this play out over and over again in the Body of Christ.

Today, you see a brother who has already proposed marriage to a beloved sister just to tell the Pastor later that he has received a sister.

He won’t tell the Pastor that he has already proposed marriage to the beloved sister.

It’s a mixture of falsehood and hypocrisy. No sense of accountability whatsoever.

Therefore never call someone your spiritual father if you cannot be ACCOUNTABLE to him.

(7) SECURITY: Then on a final note, a spiritual father is one in whose leadership you’re SECURED. You don’t ever compare him with another person.

You’re proud of your father and you can talk about him on any platform. That sense of security is very vital to helping your heart.

You feel safe around your spiritual father. By the time you start comparing your father with others, you may need to check up on the state of your heart.

A genuine spiritual father is not in competition with you. He believes in you, motivates you to greater productivity and wields the rod of correction where necessary.

He has your good at heart and he wants you to be GREATER THAN HIM.

At a time when David’s life was at risk because Saul wanted to kill him, he went to take cover under his spiritual father, Prophet Samuel.

1 SAMUEL 19:18
So David fled, and escaped, and came to Samuel to Ramah, and told him all that Saul had done to him. And he and Samuel went and dwelt in Naioth.

That’s a sense of security!!!

Sincerely, it’s my observation in the Body of Christ today, that there are “TOO MANY FRIENDS” (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but “NOT TOO MUCH” father-son relationship.

We don’t need to succumb to blackmail in the hands of people who have personal issues against the subject of “Spiritual Fathering”; we only need to fearlessly with meekness and without prejudice present the revelation of God’s Word on the matter.

That way, many will be helped, ministries will flourish effortlessly and the Kingdom of our God will advance gracefully.

As a way of recap, the SEVEN POINTS that I was given in this early morning vision are as follows:








I don’t know who these points are meant for but I trust the Spirit of God to use this short teaching to recalibrate our ministries for higher expressions and greater productivity.

Thanks for your time Sirs and Mas!


Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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