The act of prayer must become our lifestyles

You don’t pray when you need help
You don’t pray when you need supplies from God.

You don’t pray when things are going bad
You don’t because you are told to
You don’t pray because your neighbor is praying

Prayer must become a lifestyle
The Ministry of prayer and intercession

There are so many nonsense in our world today, you sleep having a dream and then you wake up seeing that what had happened to you in the dream is a reality in the human realm… Don’t you know, the spirit controls the physical!!

Nothing just happens!!
Nothing just happens!!!

I tell you

Our advantage of changing everything around us that is not suppose to be there is prayer!!

It is in that mystery as you engage it that your DESTINY HELPERS will locate you….this is bigger than prophecy. You can by your prayer call your DESTINY HELPERS to come to you, here and now!!

Nothing just happens!!
It is called priesthood
The system provided for believers to legislate and turn things around…God will not come down to help you just like that because all that is needed for life and Godliness has been provided for to us, you this make use of it.

Something I shaking outside your house at night, you are telling your wife… honey check who’s there…Check for what???!!! (Speaking in tongues) come on now, get up and blast in tongues and let me see the devil that comes around the circumference of my home!!!

Many people think it’s charm
Hmmmm…my brothers and sisters, if you don’t work it, it won’t work!!

I guarantee you, until you get upset with that stronghold over your life and challenge it and say it’s over I can’t be held up by this again!! Until you take responsibility and engage this mystery, you will still be in bondage and oppression.

Our advantage is in this MYSTERY

Reflector Hub

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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