TERRITORIAL DOMINION – Apostle Joshua Selman

It is important to understand as believers that there is a territorial dimension of Kingdom Advancement. Kingdom advancement is two fold: first the establishment of the Lordship of Christ in the hearts of men.

Secondly it must be frontiered across territories. It is not enough for u to just win souls individually we should also ask for grace to take over territories. Kingdom advancement is territorial. That means we are not entirely free until our territory is free.

God is a God who is territorial in context. He deals with people territorially. You are not free when your territory does not call upon your God. Dominion must be territorial. The idea if take over is not just in terms of infrastructural development. It is about people. The earth is the Lord’s and it’s fullness thereof and all that dwell in it. We are talking about the church when the church is in charge of the mind control system across every territory. This is how Dominion happen. That means, this is when the people that are used to change the paradigms and the perception if the people comes under the influence of the church. That is dominion.

Everyone please say, mind control system.

The idea is not to drive all the Muslims, drive all the traditionalist so that Christians take charge. No. Because the same God is Lord over all. It was the mistake that Alexander Dowe wanted to make. Until Jesus comes, there would still be sinners on earth. Your Christianity will be very meaningless if you don’t understand this.

Daily Uplift

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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