Now there was a time years ago that I questioned His love. I’ll never, never forget that.

It was during a time I was having tremendous struggles with my family. My mom and dad were not born again, and there was such pain in our relationship. Then one night in my room I looked up and said, “Jesus, I know You say in Your Word You love me . . . but please do me a favor. Tell me that You love me.” And I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night I was awakened by a voice that sounded like rushing waters. I can only describe it as a sound that was thick and heavy. Then an audible voice— coming from nowhere yet coming from everywhere at once began to speak.
Above the torrent of water I heard a voice as clear as any I have ever heard saying, “I love you! I love you!” It was the voice of Jesus.
At that moment the walls of my room actually seemed to be shaking. I was frightened because the presence of the Lord was so unusual. But since that moment I have never questioned His love.

I believe He gives us such experiences when we need them—not when we want them.

Many times I stand in my room and don’t say a word. I keep total silence. I’m sure you have experienced times when you didn’t have to utter a word to assure someone of your love. There are special times between two people that if just one sound were made, an unforgettable moment would be destroyed.

Quietness is often the best language.
So many times I have stood in my room and suddenly tears have filled my eyes. An unexplainable warmth and beauty fill the air as He begins to fill me afresh.

How did it happen? What did I do? Really, I did nothing but just stand in His presence with an inward surrender. But what started in perfect quietness continued with worship and adoration that I never wanted to end.

When you are continually filled by the Spirit of God, your prayer life takes on a dimension you never thought possible. To experience the refreshing breeze of the Spirit that fills your heart with praise, you need to understand how to approach the throne of God in prayer.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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