START 2021 with Biblical Exercises For Spiritual Health & Fitness in these Last Days.

Here’s the YouTube Playlist for this new series.
Please join me in an examination of the Spiritual Exercises Paul was inspired to write to Timothy in 1st Timothy 4.

As we turn there, think about the magnitude of what we are about to do. We are downstream twenty centuries from the first giving of these exercises, but they still work. These were the disciplines or training patterns that were invented by God to deepen and strengthen His hold upon my life. These are:


They are as powerful as they were in the glittering temptations of the Roman World, Century One. They have trained generation after generation of God’s servants, and now, they are ours to use or neglect. This year, so fresh before us, can be used most effectively for the Lord by those believers who follow the words of v. 7:
Each of you should have one of these before you:
“and exercise yourself toward godliness.” (NKJV)
“ Rather train yourself for godliness;” (ESV)
“ On the other hand, discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness ;” (NASB)
“rather, train yourself to be godly.” (NIV)
Paul packages these spiritual truths in the form of present tense or ongoing athletic “exercises”, or “disciplines”, or “training sessions”, as the various translations of the Bible render the Greek work in v. 7.

We can see the key idea of this passage through this word that God chose to use to describe what He expects from us. Remember this word can be translated as: “Gymnasticize (exercise, work out, train) yourself for the purpose of godliness”. That is our goal, start practicing the:

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Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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