Welcome back, it’s being a while that actually wrote like this, but I sense the anointing upon me afresh to write post that will bless and inspire my generation, get ready in this year 2021.

Hmmmmm, there are a lot of graces around us and we have seen men and women of grace and stature, we wonder how they get to do what they do so easily, we often asked several questions that bothers our heart, we seek for Impartations, we attend their meetings, we follow their teachings, is it fasting haba some of us are fasting machines, is it prayer Kai 12 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, my generation can stretch and pray, we even heard it is all about living a holy life, many have vowed not break their consecration and God has been helping them.

Then the question continues, why can I just become all I see and I desire ?

In this series I will be sharing certain mysteries the Lord taught me about becoming.

Note some of the men GOD will use in this end time are UNASSUMING MEN, NAMELESS, FACELESS, LOOKED DOWN ON, they might not have the largest following but they will carry high concentrated heavenly backing.

One principle is key TIME TIME TIME; there is a time to enter what God wants to do in your life and generation, so the men that will do great things for God in this season are men and women who have understood this word HASTE SLOWLY, they will keep following God till He blows the trumpet and sound the alarm, they won’t be moved by their emotions but by HIS VOICE OF COMMAND.

There are certain things that cannot be recieved by fasting and prayers, they are only giving to you when HEAVEN CAN TRUST YOU, these dimensions are not GIFTS but we call them TRUSTS. That heaven can look at a man whom men will naturally not pay attention to and commit a generation to him, it is called TRUST, maybe later I will share HEAVENS TRUST SYSTEM.

I believe this is the story of my father in the Lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye, I know he is a man that Heaven gave TRUSTS, and by the grace of God I believe that is my story also, because I don’t look like the one God would want to use but yet. He is faithful.

Before you can really do anything generational in this season, you must calm down, you will sit and stay in the secret place not because you want to carry something actually but because you want to become, your lifting is in your becoming.
This is the year to carry your Bible and eat eat eat eat till it shows.
This is the year to pray and pray and pray till it shows.

By showing I mean not just display of power alone but manifesting the character of the Spirit (Fruits of the Spirit)

You must intentionally cultivate the fruits of the Spirit in 2021.

I will be back for part 2 later
I hope you are blessed

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Source: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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