Good day dearly beloved, it’s another exciting day to learn some few things at the feet of Jesus, yesterday we were able to dive deeper into accountability and we were able to conclude that covering is very critical and important in our journey with destiny fulfillment, God is not a user but a maker.
Today we will be looking at another great parameter in the equation of exploit in life and destiny.NO GREAT MAN ROSE ALONE, the system of rising is rooted in our relationships. It is great to stay away from the people and stay with God but after you come out from the place of fellowship with the divine, you will come back to the people to release what you have received from the Lord.
Ministry and every human endeavor must be people oriented.Men who run in isolation might not be able to take their world for God, we need to have strong relationship skills.One thing I have learnt from my father in the Lord Pastor EA Adeboye is the understanding of how to maximize people’s potential, You can hear me today because someone allows me to manifest my God giving ability under His care.Not every great professor will own a university but a great university will have great professors, meaning we will not all start something new but some of us will work with existing organizations and serve there with all our lives, it is not what we start that matters but doing what God has called us to do.I think my generation needs to understand that you can still be very fulfilled and successful serving under someone.Back to relationships, men who will succeed must understand that they can’t be everything, they need men who will support them and get the job done, it is called the gift of men.Jesus had these kinds of men, they could do anything for him, they took the gospel to the ends of the earth with their lives on the line.
These men believe in your assignment and they see their place in it.Note not all who start with you will remain forever, some are for a reason and some for a season while some are for life, may God give us the sight to see men beyond what they say or do.
But mind you, a man can say I will stay with you for life and before you know it he’s gone, that is why you must be careful also what you say around people, men can change ooo.I have had some experiences with some people who told me all of the world and the same came back with something else. I have had people who called me their father and later said sir, I have another father now, you are not my father again. Haba who am I to be a father before, thank God I am someone’s son and that doesn’t affect my relationship with them, it just made my place clear.Let me sound this note of warning to my generation, don’t be quick to call someone father, pray well oooooo, let the father also receive you, don’t be quick.Also young leaders, don’t be quick to have sons and daughters, hmmmm it is sweet oh but fatherhood is a calling, you must also learn to be a son first before you think of being a father ooo.Always learn to give people time to prove their relationship with you, never forget that time is a revealer.Never forget this, people will change, people will leave you, some people you started together will not go with you for ever, but ensure you stay focused on your assignment and those to whom God has assigned to you will stay with you come rain come shine, they will see your weaknesses but they will stay, they will cover your nakedness, they are not the one quick to expose you and leave you when you are down, they will hold your hands and ensure you don’t go down.
I call them the Strong men of David.These group of people are not only mentees or sons, it is a 360 dimension of relationship.
Don’t just gather mentees alone, you will crash ooo, you need everyone category in your team.
1. Your mentors
2. Your Friends
3. Your menteesAnyone that will go far with God must have these relationships readily around him/her.
Your mentors will guide you
Your friends will hold you
Your mentees will support you.If you hold on to these structures, you won’t hear only one voice but you will hear the voice of guidance, the voice of correction, the voice of encouragement and fellowship, then the voice of praise (YES SIR) but it is dangerous to only hear yes sir.I will continue in the next episodeTo download all YMR messages and my messages please visit my telegram channel
I call you blessed.I see a burning generation
P.DanielSource: P. Daniel Olawande |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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