Do The Needful

Most of the time people pray for a “miracle” but then they just sit and wait for it to happen. For example, someone may say Lord my health is in bad shape please heal me. But rarely do they change their eating or exercise habits.

We want God to make pounds just fall off with out ANY sacrifice on OUR parts. Sometimes it isn’t a miracle we need, but rather discipline and self control.

I had a couple contact me asking that I pray for a miracle because they can’t pay their bills. I said, well how about we stop buying the cigarettes and beer first and see if that helps… they said that wasn’t any of my business. You see they simply wanted God to make the money fall from the sky without any sacrifices on their part. I’m not trying to be mean or hateful, just truthful.

What I have found to be true more times than not is that God doesn’t usually move until we do. For example, Joshua had to march around the walls of Jericho and THEN God caused the walls to crumble. Noah had to build the ark and THEN his family was spared from the flood. The blind man had to wash his eyes in the pool and THEN he received his sight.

God will do the things we can’t, but He definitely expects us to do the things that we can. If God doesn’t do His part, the miracle can’t happen but if we aren’t willing to do our part, it won’t happen. He isn’t looking for our abilities but He is looking for our willingness!
© Apt OC Merciful

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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