Life is like a journey where the side attractions along the road are like distractions to humans. Humans have inbuilt in them a lot of weaknesses which if not control might lead to their doom.

Nobody can boldly claim not to have one or two issues he is battling. One person’s weakness might be another person’s strength.
Below are 4 things we should never even start in our lives.

1. Cigarette smoking
Smoking Cigarettes might seems cool in movies, but it has killed a lot of people through lung cancer. A lot of smokers are struggling with stopping cigarette addiction. Don’t attempt smoking anything smokeable

2: Don’t ever take drugs
When I say drugs I mean strong substances like cocaine, meth, and others. The moment you taste it there is every likelihood hood you are going to get addicted to it.
Drug addiction would turn you into a junkie. Junkies live a worthless life, they are like working dead. Please don’t allow anybody to coerce you into taking harmful stimulating substances in the name of getting high.

3:Don’t watch “blue film”
Watching X-rated movies would never help you health-wise. Such movies have every tendency to lead to masturbation addiction which is dangerous to your mental health.
X rated movies addiction has destroyed so many young men’s lives that they are wishing they never set on them in the first place.
Don’t ever allow your mind to be idle, find a purpose and passion, chase them as if your life depends on it.

4:. Don’t say hurtful words to people
No matter the provocation you should mind the word you say to people. Hurting people with their life situations would never augur well for your conscience.The best thing is to walk away from every place of provocation
The main reason why you should avoid the above four things is because of the deadly addictions that are associated with them, also the danger they pose against your future and destiny.

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.