MONEY CANNOT BUY A SPIRITUAL FATHER!!! (Timeless Lesson On The Path Of The Call)

Many years ago, I asked my spiritual father, Pastor Peter O. Morakinyo this sincere question, “Daddy, based on your fatherly observation over time Sir, what personal weakness will you want me to work on Sir?”.

I was very sincere and genuine in my heart and I had a desire to last in ministry. Daddy smiled and told me, “You have a great future and you have what it takes to be great but watch this; you have a tendency to believe heresy”.

Booooooom!!! Heresyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? At that time, I was all over the place; the Word was burning like fire
and many people fell in love with my Word ministry.

Hmmnnn!!! My father had spoken. Dad threw more light on what he meant and he asked me to guard my heart such that some people would not take advantage of the sincerity of my heart through imposition of personal sentiments masked as Bible doctrines.

My father didn’t say I was in heresy. He didn’t say I had preached any erroneous message or published any book littered with heresies.
But he saw the sincerity of my heart – the heart of followership and how that could be unconsciously manipulated by people I held in a very high esteem.
From that day, I regigged my ministerial orientation. I became more objective in my views and more inclusive in dealing with people.

I had earlier told the Lord when I started out in ministry, “Lord, help me to stay balanced in ministry” and that fatherly counsel from my spiritual father came at the right time.
Now here is the gist beloved; at that time I never thought I had a tendency to believe heresy but I had learnt not to argue with those above me in ministry.

Rather than getting offended by that fatherly counsel, I took it with DEEP APPRECIATION and MUCH HONOUR for my spiritual father.
You see, fathers don’t just lead by INSIGHT; they also lead by FORESIGHT.

There are certain things that you can never in your imagination contemplate doing but by FORESIGHT, fathers can see at the embryolic stage a potential to do such things.
When your spiritual father calls your attention to something, please pay attention – be humble and don’t argue.
You may feel very confident at the moment that you can never contemplate such but pay attention my dear friend – this is a spiritual relationship.

Fathers don’t just show us the things that are but also what we’re capable of doing.
Even if you feel you’re not manifesting the tendency they point out yet, their fatherly counsel is however for your own safety and preservation because they see into the future.

Remember at the point in which Jesus told Peter that he would deny Him thrice, Peter swore to the high Heavens that he wouldn’t but then, he did.
Jesus picked it and interceded for him. Peter felt very bad and remorseful when what the Master said happened but his “faith” was preserved at last.

That’s why your heart posture is very important. Don’t REACT to corrections; RECEIVE corrections.
Those who REACT to fatherly corrections don’t go far in life and ministry. Don’t REACT, RESPOND and REPENT.
One of my ministry sons made this statement and it blessed me, “If you’re not CORRECTED, you’ll be CORRUPTED”.

Friend, the only alternative to CORRECTION is CORRUPTION. Get corrected because you still have a long way to go.
I thank my father in the Lord for that fatherly correction; it has preserved my ministry over the years.

By God’s Grace, for close to two decades of ministry, I have enjoyed Grace to stay balanced in ministry – all glory be to the Lord alone!
My generation needs to embrace fatherly corrections with humility; they will preserve us.
Today, we have all kinds of sons in ministry but watch this friends; THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO HAVE GENUINE HEARTS OF HUMILITY; not people with BOLD FACE or PHYSICAL CARRIAGE.

Today, we see people who don’t understand the silence of fathers and who contend with the words of fathers in their hearts.
Like Bishop T. D. Jakes rightly observed,
“…He who does not understand your silence, would probably not understand your words…”. Very strong!!!

Anyone can call me a great teacher of the Word today (I give all glory to God and I’m an eternal learner and student in the School of the Spirit), but looking back today, dear friend, that counsel and correction given by my spiritual father many years ago played an indispensable role.
For this I’m eternally grateful to God and to my father, Pastor Peter Olubukola Morakinyo for seeing ahead when I was just sincerely innocent.

Truthfully I’m not sure how my journey in the teaching ministry would have been without that timely fatherly counsel.
Indeed, MONEY CANNOT BUY A SPIRITUAL FATHER. Thank you Daddy for being a father indeed. It’s my eternal privilege Sir!!!
I trust this piece blessed us Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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