There are many lies surrounding sex and that is what we will be dismantling in this article. God wants us to have sex, He was the one that created us with sex organs but He wants you to do so in a safe situation, which is marriage. Marriage is the safest place to have sex.

Sex is a covenant, it’s a bonding. It’s a tool that makes two people one. So, you have to be sure you are doing that with the right person which of course should be your lawfully wedded partner.

Here are ten sex lies you need to be aware of so you don’t get tricked.

1. It’s Just Sex, No Big Deal
Beyond the physical act of sex, there is a spiritual transaction taking place. Spiritually, you both are joined. Sex is a tool for joining two people together, soul and spirit. (1 Cor. 6:16-20)
Sex is more than skin on skin. There is a big deal involved in sex, both physical and spiritual transactions are taking place. Many souls have been fragmented because they think that sex is not a big deal..

2 . Sex Is A Prove Of Love
If you love me, prove it. More often than not, what they are asking for is sex. But sex isn’t a prove of love. Prostitutes would have been the most loved people on earth if sex is a prove of love. Listen, there can be sex without any iota of love. Take note of this.

3. You Have To Test A Car Before You Buy
You don’t have to be test driven before marriage ladies, because you are not a car or an object. You are expensive. A high price was paid on you. Place value on your self.
And some of you guys testing the waters, you will test the one that will drown you one day. Some say they are testing for sexual compatibility but you are supposed to learn that in marriage together with your partner.

4. Nobody Will Be Harmed
Because of this lie, many people have collected HIV, STD, and all kinds of sickness. There are many sexually transmitted diseases flying around. Corona virus has joined them. You can contract any of them. Just one sex is enough to contract stds and related diseases.
So, don’t be deceived, you can get harmed. Even if you don’t contract any disease, you can become an emergency father and mother and I tell you this can put a stunt on your progress in life.

5. It’s Just This Once
This is another big lie that it’s going to be just once. I tell you once you start, you can hardly stop it. It’s never this once, it continues.

6. Everyone Is Doing It
It’s a big lie from the pit of hell. Not everyone is doing it. There are still many people getting married as virgins. There are still people who are sexually pure. It’s not everyone that is doing it.

7. It’s Just A Physical Act
For many, sex is just a physical act. It isn’t so. Sex is much physical, mental and spiritual. Sexual purity is not just a matter of the body but mind and spirit. God not only frowns at premarital sex but anything relating to sexual activity done outside of marriage.

8. We’re Getting Married Anyway
Even if your wedding is 12pm and you get down low at 11:59am, that’s still a sin. So, the fact that you are getting married does not give you license to be doing anyhow.

9. My abdomen and my balls are paining me because of konji. (Blue Balls)
Brother wey Sabi lie. Ahh, what’s dat one? What a gigantic lie. You better go and check yourself in the hospital to know if you have carried it.

10. Your honeypot will rust if you don’t do it. You need to keep it shining.
My sister, that’s a wonderful lie from Satan. Nothing will happen. In fact, you will be saving yourself from a lot of things. Avoid premarital sex.

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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